Jiangxi fluorite flotation plant project

[Project Case] Xinhai Mining Jiangxi 300TPD Fluorite Ore Dressing Plant Project

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Jiangxi 300TPD fluorite ore EPC+M+O project undertaken by Xinhai Mining was officially put into production this year! Xinhai Mining provided this project with customized EPC+M+O service including mine design and research, complete equipment manufacturing and procurement, plant civil engineering and installation, mine construction management, and mine operations. Xinhai Mining's professional mineral processing technology and equipment and perfect service processes have been highly praised by customers, and have successfully helped customers build high-efficiency, automated green mines!

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01Project Overview

  • Fluorite raw ore composition: high silicon fluorite ore

  • Fluorite processing capacity: 300TPD

  • Fluorite flotation process: raw ore - coarse crushing - fine crushing - primary grinding - rougher flotation- rough and fine regrinding - fine flotation - fine and scavenger flotation

  • Fluorite beneficiation equipment: crusher, ball mill, high-efficiency agitation tank, flotation machine, thickener, etc.

02Xinhai Solution

  • Ore dressing test: Xinhai Mining determined the ore dressing process based on the customer's product plan and comprehensive ore properties. There is a close symbiotic relationship between fluorite and quartz in the ore of this project. In order to reduce the silica content in the concentrate, the Xinhai Mining Technology Team increased the grinding fineness. In order to reduce the impact of primary mud and secondary mud on the separation operation , only the coarse concentrate is regrinded. Subsequent beneficiation operations were added to remove some of the fine-grained fluorite and quartz conjoined bodies in advance to eliminate the impact of sticky minerals on flotation and further ensure the quality of the fluorite concentrate.


  • Mine design: The raw ore adopts a two-stage and one closed-circuit crushing and screening process. After one stage of grinding and two stages of classification, the raw material has a fineness of -200 mesh 71%. After one roughing and one scavenging flotation, the coarse concentrate is obtained, and the coarse concentrate is re-processed. After grinding, the fineness is increased to -325 mesh 90%. After seven times of fine beneficiation and once fine scavenging flotation, qualified fluorspar concentrate is obtained. After concentration and filtration, it is bagged to obtain the final fluorspar concentrate product.


  • Equipment manufacturing: Xinhai Mining has innovatively customized efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly fluorite ore dressing equipment based on project needs, which improves the production efficiency of the fluorspar dressing plant based on reality. At present, Xinhai Mining has two major mining machinery production and manufacturing bases, with hundreds of mechanical processing equipment such as turning, milling, planing, grinding, boring, drilling, stamping, welding, coiling, and shearing, as well as independently developed ball mills. Special processing machine tools, bearings, pulleys and other special loading and unloading equipment can be used to manufacture complete sets of equipment required for the production of various types of minerals in accordance with international standards.

(Fluorspar beneficiation equipment shipped)

03Project Highlights

01 Design plan adapted to local conditions


The overall design of the fluorite concentrator constructed by Xinhai Mining makes reasonable use of the site terrain height difference, and the factory building adopts a stepped layout. The factory area mainly includes a crushing and screening workshop, a belt corridor, a powder ore bin, grinding and flotation workshop, concentrate dehydration and storage workshop, tailings dry discharge workshop. It also includes a number of ancillary buildings, like offices, dormitories, parking lots, laboratories, machine repair workshops and warehouses, new pools, return pools, pharmaceutical warehouses, power distribution rooms, etc., which fully meet the needs of on-site production and life.

02 Mine automation management and control system


Xinhai Mining has carried out coordinated control and optimized control of all aspects of the fluorite beneficiation process such as crushing, grinding, beneficiation, concentrate dehydration, tailings transportation, and water systems to achieve full control of the beneficiation plant. Comprehensive automation of processes. At the same time, PLC controller and video monitoring system are used to collect and control output of production data. The operation screen is intuitive and easy to operate.

03 Energy-saving treatment of tailings return water


In order to meet the requirements of modern enterprises for the production environment, Xinhai Mining implements the principles of protecting the environment and reducing pollution, and designs a customized tailings return water treatment plan. In order to guide the selection of tailings dehydration equipment and the design of tailings ponds, Xinhai Mining conducted a tailings settlement test. All production water was returned to the pool for treatment and returned to the process flow for reuse.

During the design and construction of the Jiangxi 300TPD fluorite ore dressing plant project, Xinhai Mining adhered to the concept of green environmental protection and helped customers successfully build high-standard green mines through scientific process design and advanced technical equipment. As the proposer and practitioner of EPC+M+O Service, Xinhai Mining will continue to provide high-quality services and products, and contribute to the construction of modern green mines at home and abroad!

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