Chromite Flotation Processing Plant

South Africa 3000t/d Chromite Flotation Processing Plant

This project was reconstruction project. It was South Africa 8000t/d platinum and 3000t/d chromite flotation system. The mineral processing flow was two-stage coarse - one-stage scavenging - three-stage concentrating flotation process.

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Xinhai Solution

  • 01

    The raw material of this project was the 3000t/d tailing slurry of 8000t/d platinum processing plant through strong magnetic concentrating scavenging. 

  • 02

    The raw ore slurry was pumped to the two concentrating hydrocyclone in thickening workshop of 3000t/d chromite flotation system by strong magnetic concentrating scavenging concentrate pump from the magnetic separation workshop. 

  • 03

    After thickening in hydrocyclone, the downflow flew to the mining box of agitation tank in flotation workshop. The overflow flew to tilted plate thickener through mining box.The downflow of thickener was sent to the slurry agitation in flotation workshop through downflow pump. 

  • 04

    The overflow of thickener flew to the original thickener. In flotation workshop, chromite concentrates were separated by two-stage rough - one-stage scavenging - three-stage concentrating flotation. The final chromite product was obtained through dewatering of the original belt filter. 

Project Result

After project completed installation and commissioning, the equipment operated stable and the quality was reliable. This project was accomplished according to the international design, manufacturing and construction structure. Xinhai protected the profit of investors and reduced investment as possible, mainly to increase efficiency. At the same time, the health and safety of operators were also focused, emphasizing harmony with the environment, resource conservation and recycling, high efficiency and energy saving of single machine and cluster combination, and striving to achieve efficient recovery of gold ore in various operations and the entire process.