How to Separate Fluorite Mineral?

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Fluorite mineral, with rich color and glittering structure, is the main source of fluorine mineral in industry. It has both appearance and value.

It was born from volcanic magmas. During the cooling period, there are many materials in the gas water solution from the magmas. The main material is fluorine mineral. The temperature and pressure decreased when the solution rises in the cracks. Since that, the fluorine mineral combines with the calcium ion from surrounded stones into calcium fluoride, which make up the Fluorite mineral after cooling. The pure calcium fluoride is without color. However, because of the special structure of fluorite mineral, other ion can get mixed into it easily. So, there is few colorless and transparent fluorite mineral in nature and fluorite mineral is the most colorful stone in the world. The natural fluorite mineral is bright and colorful, which is known as the rainbow gem.

fluorite ore

The main producing area of fluorite mineral is China, Africa, Mongolia, Russia, America, Thailand, Spain and other countries. China is one of the countries with the largest number of fluorite mineral minerals in the world. There is a saying that: "World fluorite mineral in China, China fluorite mineral in Zhejiang, Zhejiang fluorite mineral in Jinhua, Jinhua fluorite mineral in Wuyi." We could know the large reserve of fluorite mineral in China through this saying.

Fluorite mineral is widely useful. It can be made into hydrofluoric acid and further into kryocide. The hydrofluoric acid is widely used in aluminium industry, aerospace industry, atomic energy industry, pharmaceutical fields, Inorganic fluorination industry, and building materials industry. Because of the abundant color, the fluorite mineral used to be the decoration of the Hemudu people. Some fluorite mineral can even shine itself, which is also known as the legendary luminous pearl. fluorite mineral can also be used in fluorescent pigment for its speciality.

Xinhai chooses the suitable dressing technology for fluorite mineral through the row ore sliming rate, the impure minerals degree of symbiosis with fluorite mineral, and the ore characteristics. Ordinarily, fluorite mineral is suitable for gravity separation and flotation separation. Xinhai thinks that jig could be used in the gravity separation for the crude fluorite mineral lump ore.

Fluorite mineral usually intergrow with sulphide ore, barite and quartz. Xinhai chooses suitable flotation technology to deal with the fluorite mineral with sulphide ore. Xanthogenate as a collector first float the sulphide and then add collector of fatty acid in the pulp to float Fluorite mineral. We can also add a small amount of sulfide mineral inhibitors to inhibit the rudimental sulphide, which can make sure the quality of fine fluorite mineral ore. Xinhai chooses bulk flotation technology to deal with the fluorite mineral with barite. The oleic acid can be used as collectors here. The bulk concentrate can be separated through direct flotation and reverse flotation into fluorite mineral concentrate. Xinhai chooses fatty acid to capture fluorite mineral when dealing with the fluorite mineral with quartz. Water glass is used to restrain the quartz. The volume of the water glass needs to be controlled. A small amount can activate fluorite mineral, but not restrain quartz. While too much of water glass would restrain fluorite mineral. Some polyvalent metal ions can be used to increase the restraining effort of water glass. It also can be used for calcite.

fluorite mineral processing

A fluorite mineral mine in Hebei has a low ore grade and a high degree of oxidation. The fluorite mineral grain size is fine and it has a low hardness. The original technology is a fine separation with grinding, and seven separation。The concentration grade of fluorite mineral was 88%, while the recovery rate was just 75.66%. The dressing index was seriously influenced the production index and financial efficiency. Xinhai was delegated for the technology update. Through the dressing test, Xinhai improved the flotation stage and adjusted the inhibitor. After the update, the grade and recovery rate increased obviously in production.

The fluorite mineral, with appearance and value, has an increasing demand. The future of Chinese fluorite mineral is developing towards fining, complexing, lightweight, eco-friendly and circular economy. Xinhai will take its effort to push the development of fluorite mineral industry, providing impeccable mineral dressing plant service for fluorite mineral mine.

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