Brief Introduction of Xinhai Hydrocyclone

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Hydrocyclone is a classifying device by centrifugal force in the rotary flow. Because of its simple structure, huge dealing capacity and process effect, hydrocyclone is widely used in classification, thickening, dewatering.

Like a common cyclone, the main body of hydrocyclone is connected by empty cylinder and cone. There is an overflow pipe in the center of the cylinder, and a feeding pipe at the tangential direction, and desilting throat at the bottom of the cone. Slurry flow into the cyclone by pressure through feeding pipe, and rotating limited by the wall. Thick granules are in the outside slurry, and the outside slurry is down to the bottom through the rotation, which is called the outside spiral flow. Small granules and water are in the inside slurry. With the downflow area smaller and smaller, the inside slurry is forced to flow upwards, which is called inside the spiral flow. Finally, the outside spiral flow expels from the desilting throat, to be underflow. The inside spiral flow expels from the overflow throat, to be overflow.

Hydroyclones are usually used after thickener, therefore the feeding concentration is usually high. Besides, the granule of tailing is usually small, which needs to be with higher pressure when classify. Many experiments and data show that, the higher concentration of cyclone, the bigger feeding pressure, the bigger damage to the desilting throat and feeding pipe, the shorter using age of cyclone. Xinhai develops wear-resistance rubber for cyclone lining, whose wear- resistance capacity could compare the international standard and more wear-resistance than wear-resistance alloy. Now the wear-resistance rubber is widely used in cyclone manufacture.

All kinds of hydrocyclone produced by Xinhai Mining are widely used in thickening, classification, and mining processing. They have a series of advantages that high rate of classification, high rate of thickening, well wear-resistance, long using age and reduced price. Welcome to consult if you want to learn more about Xinhai hydrocyclone.

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