Closed Relationship between Latin America and Xinhai

2018-12-18 XinHai Views (1039)

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Compared with the cold Northern hemisphere, the Southern hemisphere is in a warm spring. Recently, President Xi Jinping went on his journey of great-powers politics again. This journey was the fourth time for Xin Jinping to visit Latin America after 18th Communist Party of China National Congress. Now, the relationship between Latin America and China is developing towards good cooperation, the economic and trade cooperation steadily improves, the production capacity cooperation is in the ascendant. Chinese investment supports the development of Latin America, while the steel from Peru, Chile contributes to the development of China.

Latin America is rich in the mine reserve, contains 20 kinds of basic mine resource that modern industry requires. The iron and copper mines are at the top of the world. However, there are still uncertainties and vulnerabilities in Latin America now. China, as the second largest commercial partner, the second largest import source and the third largest export market, plays an important role in the economic development of Latin America.

As a good partner of Latin American mine enterprise, Xinhai is devoting for the mining cooperation between China and Latin America.

In 2013, Xinhai entered the mineral processing market of Latin America, and successively undertook several gold mineral dressing EPC projects in Peru. Since then, Xinhai has kept a close relationship with Latin America.

In 2015, Xinhai established its first Latin American overseas office---Peru Overseas Office, which provided better service for Latin American customers, and stabilized its position in Latin American mineral processing industry.

The same year, Chile 1000tpd copper ore dressing EPC project constructed by Xinhai sent the good news. This project was optimized according to the result of Xinhai mineral processing test. Finally, the copper recovery rate was 87.15%, beyond the predicted result. This project marked that Xinhai took a firm step in the development of Latin American mineral processing market.


In 2017, Xinhai undertook Mexico 1500tpd Cu-Pb-Zn-Au-Ag polymetallic dressing EPC project, which made this project get rid of the outdated workshop-style production. Once the project was put into production, it was highly concerned by Mexican government, social media and mining industry. So far, Xinhai has started its cooperation with Mexico mine industry, and led the Mexican mining industry into a higher level.


Why Xinhai mineral processing EPC service can stand firmly in Latin American market? That's because of its unique competitive advantages.

Different from the traditional mineral processing mode, Xinhai mineral processing EPC started starts from the source of the plant construction, provides the turnkey mineral processing service (namely mineral processing test, mine design, equipment manufacturing and procurement, packaging and delivery, engineering management, installation and commission, worker training and standard reached). It not only makes sure the consistency and integrality of the whole project, provides the technologies and service, but also satisfies the requirement on budget and dressing target, effectively controls the project schedule, cost and quality, then assures the investment effects.


Relying on low cost, high economic efficiency, advanced technology and equipment, Xinhai mineral processing EPC service extends its own area in the highly competitive Latin American mineral processing market, and also takes another ache for Xinhai's global plan.

Although Latin America and China are thousands of miles apart, they are close like a neighborhood. Now, Xinhai mineral processing EPC service has appealed many mine owners from Peru, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua and other Latin American countries. So far, Xinhai has finished more than 20 mineral processing EPC projects in Latin America. In the future, Xinhai will continue the friendship with Latin American region, push the development of China-Latin American mineral industry into a new stage.