Xinhai ——Another Rise in CHINA MINING Congress & Expo 2016

Xinhai ——Another Rise in CHINA MINING Congress & Expo 2016

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CHINA MINING Congress and Expo 2016 was held at Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center in Tianjin on Sept.22nd – 25th, 2016. Hosted by the Ministry of Land & Resources, Tianjin Municipal People's Government and China Mining Association, Adhere to the principle of "From Novel Concepts, To Innovation Solutions", CHINA MINING Congress & Expo drew 7000 people from nearly 53 countries, seeking the global mining development trends.

Photo of Xinhai booth

Xinhai booth is in the shape of Ball Mill, half-opened architecture. From the electronic display, visitors can watch the EPC cases visually.

Mr.Zhang Zhongyi, Xinhai general manager led the exhibition team, Over 20 people participated in the exhibition, including multiple senior engineers and salesperson. During the exhibition, Xinhai people warmly received customers and partners and offer the on-site service timely. Catering to customer's needs, everyone offered the instant feedback and seek the cooperation opportunity actively.

Photo of Xinhai staff in Sudan office is introducing Xinhai EPC service to visitors

Xinhai staff in Sudan office is introducing Xinhai EPC service to visitors

Xinhai "Ball Mill" shape booth attracted thousands of visitors. During the whole process of the exhibition, participants came to visit in an endless stream, some even made numerous visits.

Photo of The simulated on-site minerals processing plant

The simulated on-site minerals processing plant attracted countless visitors; From the picture, Xinhai salesperson was answering visitors' questions and introduced to the passers-by.

In this exhibition, Xinhai received customers at home and abroad, regular customers and new customers gathered at Xinhai booth to communicate and choose the suitable service for their mine business!

Photo of consulting

Through the on-site application of computer mapping software. Visitors can get Intuitive and comprehensive consulting services.

Photo of Visitors took pictures with Xinhai staff.

Visitors took pictures with Xinhai staff.

During the exhibition, our engineers answered customer's questions in detail, and won the praise from our customers. Xinhai staff's professional service won several orders at the scence.

Photo of Visitors and Xinhai staff
Photo of Visitors and Xinhai staff

Sign the order——our professional and overall service won customers' trust.

Interactive Games- The "Scanning Wechat QR to won Prizes" Game attracted lots of people

Photo of The game attracted lots of people

At the scene of the exhibition, Zhangzhongyi was interview by the conference organizers.

Considering the topic "From Novel Concepts, To Innovation Solutions", Mr. Zhang said: "Under the current situation that the mining industry has not yet get rid of the current slump, profound changes are taking place in global  economic patterns. There is an urgent need for economic transition in mining under the deep economic straits. In the circumstances, we should participate in a new round of globalization in mining development positively, cooperate and communicate with various countries and regions in the world in the field of surveying, exploration, processing, technology and trades in a more inclusive and open mind"

Photo of Mr. Zhang

Mr. Zhang also shared the successful experience about Xinhai mining transformation in recent years with journalist friends.

Xinhai has participated in the Mining Congress and Expo for many years, which accumulated our customer year by year and prompted our international influence. On the basis of seeking complementary advantages and mutually beneficial cooperation, Xinhai is engaging in various mining engineering procurement construction management services actively, promoting self-development and contribute our wisdom and experience to help the mining economy out of trouble.