Automatic material distribution

Automatic material distribution

[Introduction] : Automatic material distribution is an automatic distribution device (or distribution method). It realizes automatic materials distribution. The material distribution is more evenly. It also avoids the accidents such as bunker emptying or ore crushing. The automatic material distribution devices mainly include feed bin, material level detection device for silo, belt conveyor, discharge cart, discharger positioning device, etc.

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  • 01

    It supports multiple types of dischargingcarts, such as mobile discharging cart, plough type discharging cart, etc.

  • 02

    Accurate location of continuous position ofunloading truck and limit protection.

  • 03

    According to different size of feed bin, strongdust resistance radar level sensing device with different range and beam anglecan be chosen, which realizes real-time continuous measurement.

  • 04

    Multiple material distribution method satisfyingusing requirements, such as: automatic level choosing 

Implementation effect

Replacing manual labor in harsh environment,,realizing unattended operation;

Remote operation, reducing labor intensityand improving distribution efficiency;

Real-time monitoring material level,replacing the manual observation and avoiding safety problems;

Convenient for production scheduling andhandling material information, which improves the scheduling efficiency.