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How the Choose Autogenou Mill Manufactures

2016-10-19 XinHai Views (1024)

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In the production practice of mineral processing plant, after determining the indexes of good grinding, how to choose the ball mill become a big problem in the design of the concentrator. Selection of autogenou mill manufactures often need to go through a lot of comparison, next will show you the indicators.

Compare the technical parameters of autogenou mill manufacturess, standard autogenou mill manufactureslike Xinhai provide technical parameters which include model specification, shell diameter, shell length, matching motor model, the supporting electrical mechanical and electrical power, the total length of the mill, the total width, the total height, the processing capacity, the effective volume of the mill, the maximum amount of ball mill, the weight of the mill. When selecting mill manufacturers, comparison of the different parameters of the above should be strictly and carefully weighed.

Compare reputation of autogenou mill manufacturess. Ball mill of some autogenou mill manufacturescan meet the requirements of grinding fineness, at the same time, has low energy consumption, low steel consumption and long service life which get high praise of customers, like Xinhai mining company. However, some manufacturers ball mill fail to meet requirements and has high energy consumption, high steel consumption short service life, therefore its reputation is poor. Must carefully choose good autogenou mill manufacturesthat has public praise.

Compare the service quality of autogenou mill manufacturess. Some autogenou mill manufacturescan provide perfect pre-sale and after-sale service, like Xinhai mining company: Ball mill specification selection consulting service, ball mill commissioning service, maintenance service, etc. however some manufacturers do not provide. If the price and quality of ball mill are same why not choose the one that has good service quality?

As a autogenou mill manufactures, Xinhai provides complete technical parameters of ball mill, and its ball mill has advantages like low energy consumption, low steel consumption, long service life, low price. At the same time, it has the best reputation and quality service. Xinhai is your right choice.

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