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Operating Principle of Grinding Mill

2015-10-16 XinHai Views (1311)

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Grinding mill consists of a cylinder, a lining plate, a feeder, a hollow shaft, a bearing, a gearing and lubricating device, and the grinding medium—steel grinding is necessary for the grinding operation. The workspace of grinding mill is in the cylinder with the system of lining plate and steel grinding. With the driving effect of the electrical machine and lubricating device, steel grindings go up and down and spin, the impact force can broken material. With unceasing material and broken exercise, the acceptable product will go forward by the following material and go out with overflow. In the grinding mill, the lift height and falling track of grinding medium are connected with the type of speed machine lining plate. When the particle size of feeding material is big, the main grinding medium is large diameter steel grinding, or else, the grinding medium needs to choose the smaller steel grinding. When you choose the lining plate, smaller particle material needs to choose smooth lining plate. Bigger particle material needs to choose corrugated lining plate.

In the processing of the grinding mill, because the different rotate speed, the states of motion of grinding medium are different. In normal processing state of grinding mill, the fallen state of the material mainly produces impact force. The grinding effect of the steel grinding rotation is only a supplementary role. When the speed continues to increase, the steel grinding due to the high speed rotating cylinder drive, will take place in a circular motion, and steel grindings are in the centrifugal state, then the medium will not fall down as the cylinder is rotated. Generally speaking, in the centrifugal state, there is no grinding effect. Grinding mill doesn't work in the centrifugal state. Grinding mill should work in the normal fallen state to achieve best grinding results. Xinhai Group provides all kinds of mining equipment in good quality, and solve your various problems about the operation principle, installation, and commissioning of grinding mill.

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