Exploration the Best Working State of Semi-autogenous Grinding Mill

Exploration the Best Working State of Semi-autogenous Grinding Mill

2015-10-19 XinHai Views (1112)

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The principle of a semi-autogenous grinding mill is driven by the transmission device and dynamo, the cylinder rotates with the materials. With the force of friction, rotating cylinder drives the grinding medium-autogenous grinding mill to rise up, fall down and revolve. On the whole process, autogenous grinding mill ran afoul of each other, collide with cylinder and materials. The collision of autogenous grinding mill and materials is an effective work, which has a direct effect on the efficiency of semi-autogenous grinding mills. However, the collision among autogenous grinding mill and the collision between autogenous grinding mill and liners reduce the rate of work and led to the wastage of autogenous grinding mill themselves.

The best working state of is related to the autogenous grinding mills, which are important to the crushing. Besides, moving state of autogenous grinding mill includes three stages: rising up, falling down and rotating. Among those, falling down is the main motion and important to crushing. During the motion of semi-autogenous grinding mills, the speed of cylinder affects the moving state of autogenous grinding mill directly. If the cylinder rotates slowly, autogenous grinding mill start to fall down, without reaching the best point. Therefore, it is the inadequate height of raising that led to not enough impacts, failing to get the best crushing effect. But if the cylinder rotates too fast, centrifugal force on a steel ball is bigger than the gravity of itself. Therefore, the autogenous grinding mill will reach the peak direction, and do the circular motion together with the cylinder. There is no parabolic motion of autogenous grinding mill and no impact on materials which could not be crushed. The grinding effect is far from enough.

In the stage of grinding, for certain mineral property and mineral separation process, there is a best grinding speed that is suitable for the mineral property and contributes to the highest grinding efficiency.

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