Flotation liquid level / aeration control system

Flotation liquid level / aeration control system

[Introduction] : Flotation liquid control system mainly includes liquid level measure device, pneumatic or electric actuator, intelligent controller. The air volume adjustment mainly includes air flowmeter and motor regulated valve. Through accurate real-time detection and control, the flotation efficiency can be effectively improved, which play an important role in flotation process.

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  • 01

    Liquid level measure device can effectivelyavoid the influence of foams. It accurately measures the height of slurry leveland forth layer thickness. There is no jam the problem unable to measure, anddo not need continuous water spraying device;

  • 02

    Measure range: 0~500mm; Precision: ±1.5% full scale range;

  • 03

    Advanced version PID control algorithm,faster and smoother control;

  • 04

    Operation touch screen is set for eachflotation cell, adjustable intuitively and quickly.