Electronic Belt Scale

Electronic Belt Scale

[Introduction] : A weighting equipment for metering belt conveying capacity with simple structure and advanced technology

[Capacity] : ≤1200 t/h

[Improvement] : The control core of Xinhai electronic belt scale adopts German Siemens PLC, the weighing sensor adopts Swiss high-performance sensor, and the scale frame adopts a direct load-bearing structure. The stability and reliability have been greatly guaranteed and improved.

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  • 01

    The electronic belt scale has a wide measuring range, and the system can automatically control the feeding amount of the belt conveyor according to the flow rate preset by the operator;

  • 02

    High-efficiency, energy-saving, durable and wear-resistant;

  • 03

    The system reserves a standard communication interface, which is convenient for production management and scheduling.

Product Structure

Through the periodic movement of the movable jaw to swing around the fixed jaw, the material between the two jaws is squeezed to produce a crushing effect.

The displayed part adopt the high-grade large size touch screen to replace the traditional digital tube and liquid crystal module which has friendly man-machine interface and rich display contents. This product can fully replace the traditional weighting totalizer instrument.

Technical Parameters

ModelSuitable Belt ConveyorLoad (kg)Setting AngleBelt Speed (m/s)Weight (kg)
PDC500TD5000 ~300≤ ±20。≤ 340.5
PDC650TD6500 ~300≤ ±20。≤ 343.6
PDC800TD8000 ~300≤ ±20。≤ 347.8
PDC1000TD10000 ~300≤ ±20。≤ 353.5
PDC1200TD12000 ~300≤ ±20。≤ 359.6