copper ore flotation separation system

Ore Dressing Technology and Application of Copper Oxide Ore

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Copper ore is a mineral that occupies an important position in the national economy and is widely used in industrial production and social life. With the continuous development of the times and the global economy, the demand for copper resources continues to increase. While mineral processing plants need to continuously improve their production capacity, their production technology levels are also constantly improving, which plays a very important role in economic development. The following will introduce you to the application of copper oxide ore processing technology and copper ore beneficiation technology to help you better understand the copper ore beneficiation technology and improve the production efficiency of the ore dressing plant.

01Copper oxide ore flotation process

Flotation technology is often used to treat oxidized copper ores. Neutral oil flotation, sulfide flotation and fatty acid flotation can all be used to separate oxidized copper ores. Among them, sulfide flotation is the most widely used. When performing flotation, the copper ore is first deslimed and then flotated using sodium sulfide. Before applying this process, a beneficiation test is required for process separation. Long-term practice has proven that the pre-desliming process can effectively improve the recovery rate of copper minerals. The segmented sulfide flotation method is used to further improve the separation rate of copper ore. Adding an appropriate amount of xanthate collector and Ph adjuster during the process is beneficial to the separation of copper ore. After sweeping the ore once or twice, the quality of the concentrate and the ore utilization rate can be effectively improved.

copper minerals flotation separation system

02Chemical beneficiation process of copper oxide ore

Due to the complex type and structure of copper oxide ores, it is difficult to effectively recover the copper during flotation. In order to better handle this situation, chemical beneficiation methods need to be used to separate copper minerals. Ammoniacal sulfur can replace sulfate in the separation of copper ores, while silver oxide ores require more in-depth beneficiation tests. The copper ions inside the copper ore can be used to enhance the stability of the sodium sulfite solvent. Sulfur can replace sulfuric acid at room temperature to effectively improve the sorting effect of silver oxide and copper ores. The chemical beneficiation process can further increase the reaction speed, and the leached copper content is high, which can meet the requirements of relevant industrial standards and improve the economic benefits of production.

copper ore flotation system

03Other beneficiation methods for copper ore

For copper ores with relatively large flotation differences, inhibitors or clay-like copper ores can be used to treat them. The combined use of various inhibitors can effectively inhibit the floating of sludge, which effectively solves the problem of high viscosity of foamed slurry for flotation. It is verified through mineral processing tests that this method can effectively improve the recovery rate of copper and meet the requirements of relevant production indicators. By comprehensively utilizing various inhibitors, copper and sulfur can be effectively separated to further improve the recovery rate of the concentrate. Better concentrate recovery can be obtained under low alkalinity conditions with a pH value above 8.

flotation system used for copper ore processing

With the continuous development of modern science and technology, mineral processing automation technology has made great progress. In the actual process of beneficiation, the beneficiation parameters are constantly changing, which requires real-time measurement and control technology to detect the technical parameters in the beneficiation process and effectively improve the quality of the beneficiation work, such as monitoring the concentration, particle size and grinding concentration during the beneficiation process. Copper oxide ore accounts for a very high proportion of copper ore, which has higher requirements for ore processing technology and mineral processing technology. We need to further increase the research on these technologies and apply some advanced mineral processing automation technology. Xinhai Mining can provide you with EPC+M+O service, including design and research, equipment manufacturing and procurement, civil construction and installation, mine management and operation. Welcome to consult.

04Xinhai Mining copper ore beneficiation plant project

Pakistan 1,500t/d Copper Mineral Processing Plant

Pakistan 1,500t/d Copper Mineral Processing Plant

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Myanmar 500tpd Copper Mine Flotation Plant Project

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Yunnan 4,400t/d Copper Mineral Processing Plant