China International New Energy Industry Expo

Chairmen of Xinhai Mining Attended CLNB 2024 (ninth) China International New Energy Industry Expo and Delivered a Speech

2024-06-03 XinHai Views (90)

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(Xinhai Mining Equipment Special Exhibition Booth)

From May 29th to 31st, the 9th China International New Energy Industry Expo 2024 was held at Suzhou International Expo Center. The theme of the conference was "Inspiring Dual Carbon and Greening the Future", aiming to lead the new energy industry chain security construction. As a cooperative unit of the conference, Xinhai Mining Equipment brought its "Full Industrial Chain Service for Mining (EPCM+O)" special exhibition to the exhibition site. The conference invited Chairman Zhang Yunlong to attend and deliver a speech on "Sharing EPC Technology Experience of Lithium and Graphite Mines", which received a warm response from the guests on site. At the meeting, Chairman Zhang Yunlong accepted media interviews.

(Chairman Zhang Yunlong delivered a speech)


(Xinhai Mining special exhibition booth)

01Xinhai Mining EPCM+O full industry chain service

Xinhai Mining is committed to providing full-chain, professional and institutionalized "mining full industry chain service (EPCM+O)". The company's business scope covers all over the world, involving more than 70 kinds of ores, has served nearly 2,000 mines, and completed more than 500 mining full industry chain service projects. In order to accelerate the implementation of the international strategic layout, Xinhai Mining has added overseas construction, mine operation management and overseas MRO services on the basis of mine EPC, and can provide global customers with intelligent, efficient and high-quality modern smart mining solutions!

02Technical experience in lithium mining projects


(Zimbabwe 2 million TPA spodumene project )

Xinhai Mining has provided "full mining industry chain (EPCM+O)" and related services to dozens of lithium mining companies. In the Zimbabwe 2 million TPA spodumene project, Xinhai Mining completed construction and put into production in just one year, helping China's lithium mining new energy development! The project construction period raced against the price curve of lithium products, demonstrating Xinhai's speed! Professional full industry chain services ensure that lithium mining projects are put into production on time and meet production standards, creating a model for the construction of Chinese-funded overseas mining projects!


(Petronas heavy medium recovery and mineral processing technology)

E- Ore dressing design and research: In the lithium ore test and design stage, Xinhai Mining adopted innovative thinking, established a special lithium ore test and pilot research center, built a petalite heavy medium test and pilot research device, and realized the effective recovery of petalite. At the same time, Xinhai Mining paid attention to more than a dozen details such as desludging, water system, grinding fineness, flotation process, etc. during the ore dressing test and mine design stage, which greatly improved the recovery rate of lithium ore.


P-Equipment manufacturing and procurement: Due to the relative scarcity of materials and weak industrial foundation in Zimbabwe, Xinhai Mining adopts high-standard equipment manufacturing, attaches great importance to each link from materials, electromechanical components to processing and manufacturing, and strictly controls quality; pays attention to the connection and capacity matching of the main and auxiliary equipment of the entire production line, provides unified standards and equipment that adapts to foreign field conditions; all documents are organized in a unified format (including 3D parts drawings, etc.) and translated.


C- Plant construction and installation: In order to solve the problem of high prices of commercial concrete, cement, and sand and gravel in Zimbabwe, Xinhai Mining has invested in and shipped mobile integral frame stone crushing stations, small concrete mixing stations, pump trucks, truck cranes and other construction machinery and equipment to improve construction efficiency. More than 90% of the platforms and supports in the lithium mine plant are bolted. In order to achieve on-time production, Xinhai Mining Equipment has formulated a strict construction schedule, established a strong on-site project management team, and dispatched a construction and installation team consisting of nearly 400 Chinese employees and nearly 600 local people to work day and night and work together.


MO-Project Management and Operation: Based on the comprehensive service capabilities of Xinhai Mining EPCM+O and the smooth implementation of the early EPC (including M) of the project, Xinhai Mining provided the project with subsequent production and operation management contracting services. Rewards and penalties are given to the completion of the raw ore processing capacity, concentrate grade, recovery rate, operation rate and other indicators to lock in costs, indicators and responsibilities for the project!

03Technical experience in graphite mine projects

(Xinhai Mining Graphite Project Case)

Xinhai Mining provides a one-stop EPCM+O Service for the 800TPD graphite mine project in Vietnam. The beneficial mineral composition of the graphite ore in this project is mainly medium-scale crystalline graphite, which has good selectivity. After testing the ore samples, Xinhai Mining formulated a process of more crushing and less grinding, coarse grinding and fast selection, and screening and grading step-by-step grinding and selection for the project in order to better protect the graphite flakes. In the end, the project operated stably, achieved an ideal graphite recovery rate and economic benefits, and was strongly affirmed and recognized by the project customers.

With the accelerated development of new productivity, the supply and demand pattern of mineral resources is also changing, and the demand for strategic emerging minerals such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, and graphite will continue to grow. As the proposer and practitioner of "Full Industrial Chain Service for Mining (EPCM+O)", Xinhai Mining will continue to deepen the research direction of new energy mineral resources, adhere to the development strategy of "interconnected marketing, international market, service-oriented manufacturing, modern management, and innovative development", and strive to make greater contributions to the construction of new energy and the development of new productivity in China and the world!