2024 "Fifth China Flotation Conference"

Xinhai Mining Won the "2024 National Outstanding Equipment Supplier in Mineral Flotation Industry-Technology Pioneer Award"

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From May 17th to 19th, the 2024 "Fifth China Flotation Conference" was held in Jinan, Shandong Province. The conference was themed "Technological Innovation Green Development" and aimed to explore the green and intelligent development of mineral processing science and technology under the "double carbon" goal. , to promote technological innovation in the field of mineral flotation. Xinhai Mining attended the conference with EPCM+O Service and won the "2024 National Outstanding Equipment Supplier in the Mineral Flotation Industry-Technology Pioneer Award"!

Xinhai Mining Booth

(Xinhai Mining Booth)

Xinhai Mining Award

(Xinhai Mining Award)

At present, flotation technology is widely used in non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, non-metallic minerals and other fields. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, large processing capacity and applicable materials. Xinhai Mining has a flotation technology team with profound professional knowledge and rich practical experience, which can tailor the flotation process for different mineral properties and customer needs, helping customers improve the utilization rate of mineral resources and economic benefits.

01Xinhai Mining Customized Flotation Process

Xinhai Mining Customized Flotation Process

Tailor-made: Xinhai Mining will provide customized services based on the specific properties of the ore, from ore analysis to process design, to ensure that the flotation process is highly matched to the ore characteristics.

Efficient and energy-saving: Xinhai Mining will use advanced flotation technology and equipment to increase the recovery rate and enrichment ratio of flotation minerals, while reducing energy consumption and achieving dual improvements in economic and environmental benefits.

Intelligent control: Introduce an intelligent control system to realize automation and intelligent management of the flotation process and improve the accuracy and reliability of operations.

02Xinhai Mining High Performance Flotation Equipment

Xinhai Mining High Performance Flotation Equipment

Xinhai Mining has focused on the design and development of flotation machines for thirty years, and has achieved numerous technical achievements in the research and development of flotation machines. The technical staff of Xinhai Mechanical Design Institute innovatively used a KYF flotation machine and an XCF flotation machine to form a combined unit, which solved the problem of ladder configuration of the KYF flotation machine, saved the use and consumption of the foam pump, and reduced equipment management and maintenance operations, thus reduce investment costs, improve mineral processing efficiency, and achieve the effect of 1+1>2.

03Xinhai Mining Premium Flotation Project Case

Zimbabwe 2 million TPA spodumene flotation project

Zimbabwe 2 million TPA spodumene flotation project

For the Zimbabwe spodumene project, Xinhai Mining conducted professional process mineralogy research and formulated a targeted recycling process: one rough selection, three sweeps, and three selection closed-circuit processes. Chemical mineralization has a significant impact on the flotation effect of spodumene. Xinhai Mining has taken the following measures to ensure the flotation effect.

* Adopt high-efficiency and powerful agitation tank to fully ensure the mixing and circulation effect of chemical mineralization.

* There are many types of flotation reagents and they are added in order, so a longer mineralization time is required. Xinhai Mining adopts multiple high-efficiency and powerful agitation tanks used in series to ensure the mineralization time of the agent, thereby ensuring the flotation effect.

* There are many and large foams in spodumene flotation, which easily occupy the flotation time. Xinhai Mining will appropriately extend the flotation time.

* The spodumene flotation foam is relatively sticky and can easily block the foam tank. Xinhai Mining has appropriately reduced the number of operating tanks.

Russia 3000TPD gold mine flotation project

The process flow of the flotation workshop designed by Xinhai Mining for the Russian gold mine is: two series of coarse sweep and separation, and one series of fine selection and merger; the principle process is "one coarse, two sweep and two fine". The roughing and sweeping operation equipment uses an inflatable agitator flotation machine (KYF-24), with a total of 16 tanks, and the flotation machine has a ladder configuration. The fine selection operation uses a KYF-6 inflatable agitator flotation machine, with a total of five tanks. The final concentrate products and tailings products are transported to the thickener using slurry pumps respectively, and then enter the dehydration and filtration system. The project ultimately resulted in high-grade recycling, and the customer expressed great satisfaction.

Pakistan 1500TPD copper mine flotation project

Pakistan 1500TPD copper mine flotation project

The ore mineral composition of this project is relatively simple. The metallic minerals are mainly chalcopyrite and pyrite. The non-metallic minerals are mainly quartz, chlorite, epidote and sericite. Copper is the only valuable element that can be recycled. Xinhai Mining designed two and a half closed-circuit crushing - one closed-circuit grinding with controlled classification - flotation (one rough separation, two sweeps, two selections) - two stages of mechanical dehydration process . In just over three months, the entire line of on-site equipment and process debugging was successfully completed, for which the customer specially sent a letter of thanks.

Mongolia 800TPD fluorspar ore flotation project

Mongolia 800TPD fluorspar ore flotation project

Xinhai Mining provides customized mining full industry chain services for the Mongolia 800TPD fluorite flotation plant project, including mineral processing test, mine design, complete equipment manufacturing and procurement, installation, commissioning and delivery. The CaF2 content in the raw ore of this project is 42.10%, the SiO2 content is 43.43%, and the gangue minerals are mainly quartz, sericite, and dolomite. Fluorite minerals have a close symbiotic relationship with quartz minerals, and the particle size is relatively fine. Aluminum-containing minerals have a negative impact on flotation. Xinhai Mining determined the appropriate flotation process through mineral processing tests.

Vietnam 800TPD graphite ore flotation project

Vietnam 800TPD graphite ore flotation project

In the 800TPD graphite ore flotation project in Vietnam, Xinhai Mining strives to achieve efficient recovery of graphite ore throughout the process. In the early stage, Xinhai Mining tested incoming samples and found that after nine stages of grinding, the raw ore went through one rough selection, one sweep and nine selections, with a yield of 14.20% and a fixed carbon content of 92.30%, graphite concentrate with a recovery rate of 87.91%. In order to obtain part of the high-carbon graphite concentrate, the graphite concentrate was wet screened. The +140 mesh concentrate yield was 3.68% and the fixed carbon content was 95%. The -140 mesh concentrate yield was 10.72% and the fixed carbon content was 91.46 %, it was later determined that the dressing plant adopts a two-stage closed-circuit crushing process - nine-stage closed-circuit grinding and classification - one roughing, two sweeping and ten fine flotation processes.

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