Xinhai Successively Participated in Six International Mining Exhibitions in September

2019-09-25 XinHai Views (1315)

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In September, Xinhai successively appeared at EXPOSIBRAM 2019, International Industrial Trade Fair of Bogota 2019, MINEXP AFRICA 2019, EXTEMIN Perumin-34 Mining Convention, MinningworldCentralAsia-Kazcomak 2019 and Mining &Engineering Indonesia 2019 six international mining exhibitions with its mineral processing EPC+M+O service, which continuously enhanced its influence on the global mining industry.

In the Xinhai exhibition area, the innovative mineral processing service mode, high brand awareness and on-site professional technical solutions attracted many domestic and foreign exhibitors to visit and negotiate.

In the MINEXP AFRICA 2019, Xinhai successfully reached strategic cooperation intention with several new customers; In the MinningworldCentralAsia-Kazcomak 2019, the customers streamed in and out to consult; In the EXPOSIBRAM 2019, Xinhai met new customers and then went to the project site for investigation. Each wonderful and moving moment witnessed the highlight moment of Xinhai in the six international mining exhibitions!



2. International Industrial Trade Fair of Bogota 2019




4. EXTEMIN Perumin-34 Mining Convention


5. MinningworldCentralAsia-Kazcomak 2019


6. Mining &Engineering Indonesia 2019


For the overseas mining development, the general mineral processing service providers have the problem of focusing on business over technology, and they usually determine the solution according to the domestic mineral processing process, like simply copying the similar solution, or making the decision based on the past experience, which virtually caused three problems of the overseas mining: overbudget; failure to reach the standard within the time limit; the date of putting into the production means the time of technical reform.

In fact, the ore nature, mineral processing conditions, material price and facilities conditions of the overseas mineral processing projects are completely different from those of domestic ones. Moreover, the mineral processing projects are featured with large investment scale, long construction period, relatively complex technology and various uncertain factors. The core of Xinhai mineral processing EPC+M+O service is one-stop and customized mineral processing service. Xinhai totally undertakes all stage of the mineral processing plant, including design and research, complete sets of equipment manufacturing and procurement, commissioning and delivery, mine management and mining operation, which involves each link of the construction of the modern mining enterprise, and provides more detailed service for every link as far as possible. Xinhai mineral processing EPC+M+O service not only effectively avoids the problems of connection among different links, but also greatly shortens the entire construction period and puts into production as soon as possible.

There are no two same mines in the world, and the mineral processing process and equipment should be customized for each mine. The essence of " proceed from the actual situation of each mine" that Xinhai mineral processing EPC+M+O service insists determines that it has incomparable advantages in various mineral processing projects at home and abroad. Up to now, more than 2,000 mines Xinhai has served and over 500 mineral processing EPC+M+O projects across more than 90 countries and regions around the world.


(Xinhai-global distribution map of mineral processing EPC+M+O projects)

Case 1. Colombia a copper mineral processing project

In 2018, Colombia a copper mineral processing project undertaken by Xinhai was successfully put into operation. The copper mine project was dominated by oxidized ore and a small amount of sulfide ore, then the copper mine was dominated by sulfide ore and a small amount of oxidized ore. Based on the professional mineral processing strength and more than 20 years of experience, Xinhai designed a set of ideal mineral processing process according to the change of ore properties. Finally, the production rate of mixed concentrate was 30%, the grade of copper concentrate was 25.95%, the recovery rate was 87.15%. This project also made Xinhai pack a solid step in the Colombian mining market.


Case 2. Malaysia 700tpd gold mineral processing project

In 2017, Xinhai customized mineral processing EPC+M+O service served for Malaysia 700tpd gold mineral processing project. From the mine design, equipment manufacturing, site construction to installation and commissioning, standard reached, Xinhai only took 6 months, and the actual recovery rate was as high as 95%. Mining Magazine, the internationally renowned magazine, reported this project and highly appreciated Xinhai mineral processing EPC+M+O service.


Case 3. Indonesia 100tpd gold mineral processing project

In 2016, Xinhai t provided the customized mineral processing EPC+M+O service for Indonesia 100tpd gold mineral processing project. In terms of civil engineering design, Xinhai designed the ground part as the steel structure as far as possible, including the mine bin, platform and design foundation, which was convenient for installation and flexible assembly in the mine site, reduced the workload of civil engineering and construction time, and saved the investment at the same time.


Case 4. Chile 700tpd copper mineral processing project

In 2015, Xinhai undertook a 700tpd copper mineral processing project in Chile. According to the mineral processing test results issued by the Xinhai mine research institute, the technological process of this project was optimized. Finally, the recovery rate of copper concentrate was up to 87.15%, exceeding the expectation.


Case 5. Tanzania 1200tpd gold mineral processing project

In 2014, Xinhai mineral processing EPC+M+O served for a 1200tpd gold mineral processing project in Tanzania, Africa. Despite the extreme heat, Xinhai still completed the work within a short time with high quality and quantity. The recovery rate of the gold mine was far up to expectations, which won high praise from customers. In the same year, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, former Tanzanian President personally met with Mr. Zhang Yunlong, chairman of Xinhai Mining, and expected that Tanzanian mining enterprises would carry out deeper mineral processing cooperation with Xinhai mineral processing EPC+M+O service.


Looking at the international, we are facing the challenge of reshaping the global manufacturing landscape, but we are also ushering in the precious opportunity of industrial transformation. In 2019, with "One Belt And One Road" Initiative and "go out" policy, Xinhai frequently appeared in the major international mining exhibitions, showed Xinhai mineral processing EPC+M+O service to customers at home and abroad, and communicated with mining colleagues about further mineral processing technology, economic and trade cooperation, further expanding its international strategy. In the future, Xinhai will also follow the national development plan, implement the "market internationalization" strategy, continue to vigorously expand overseas markets, while consolidating the domestic market, and help the country to achieve the great dream of manufacturing power!