Xinhai Customized Mineral Processing EPC,  Black Tech in Global Mineral Processing industry

Xinhai Customized Mineral Processing EPC, Black Tech in Global Mineral Processing industry

2018-11-23 XinHai Views (1204)

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With the development of world economy and the globalization of Chinese enterprise, manufacturing servitization has deep influence on the whole traditional industry. There is also a dilemma for the traditional industry, where difficult to consist the traditional profit mode, more difficult to transform. Zhou Yi said,"e-poor change, and change to pass, long-General." In the product highly homogeneous era, the turnkey solution seems to be the life-saving straw of many traditional industry. Creating the differences among the products, altering the profit growth point and creating a new profit mode. So, what is the effect came from the traditional mineral equipment enterprise plus the turnkey solution?

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01Reborn of Traditional Mineral Equipment Enterprise


(Mineral Processing EPC)

At the beginning, Xinhai was just one of the mineral processing equipment manufacturers in China, whose business was just directly about the mineral processing equipment manufacturing. Under the influence of the financial crisis in 2012, the whole mineral industry went cold collectively. In order to survive, a new path had to be found. In this rigorous condition, Xinhai combined the development of the mineral industry in and abroad and the market trend, then developed a series of service link on the basic of traditional equipment- oriented. The service link included mineral processing test, mine design and other front-end design links, equipment manufacturing and purchasing, package delivery, and other intermediate production manufacturing links. It also included engineering management, installation and commission, worker training, achieving the production target, and other after-sale services. The customized mineral processing EPC service was a new mode which broke through the product links in mineral processing industry. The links were tight jointed and developing. It helped Xinhai becoming the leading one-stop mineral processing EPC service supplier.

In serval years, Xinhai has successfully completed the update from traditional mineral machinal manufacturing into the one-stop mineral processing EPC service, whose development potential and profit capacity had been improved totally. Now, Xinhai is not limited to their own manufacturing service transformation but to absorb more traditional manufacture enterprise to visit and communicate. It is truly a good example for the manufacture servitization in Yantai.

02Mineral Processing EPC Service Beyond the Country


(Global Distribution of Xinhai Mineral Processing Projects)

Although Xinhai's customized mineral processing EPC gained a great result in China, it was inevitable to face difficulties when carried on at abroad, such as project management, engineering technology, source supplying, work coordination. At the beginning, many abroad customers were suspect and wait-and-see about the Xinhai's customized mineral processing EPC service. They worried about the risk of sending the whole responsibility to a single enterprise. So, Xinhai showed the abroad clients the necessity of customized mineral processing EPC service for the mineral processing plant according to a number of cases, experience, and questions during the construction.

Xinhai insists that ordinary mineral enterprise builds the mineral processing plant at abroad often adopt the same idea of the processing plant at home. Either do they copy the mode which already existed, or they make decisions by experience. However, the foreign mine are different with domestic mine in resource endowment, ore characteristic, working condition, material price, construction condition and other conditions. Since it needs to be acted according to circumstances.

There is no mine same as the other. It should be chosen the best technology for each mine. Xinhai customized mineral EPC service mode starts from the conditions of each mine, which decides its unparalleled potential among the mineral processing plants.

Malaysia CNMC 700tpd Gold CIP Project


Xinhai EPC service was applied for Malaysian CNMC 700tpd gold CIP plant in 2017, which was also the first gold CIP plant in Kelantan Malaysia. It took six months from mine design, equipment manufacturing, site operation to installation & commission, standard achieved. The final recovery rate was up to 95%. Mining Magazine, an international famous magazine, had reported the project and highly appreciated Xinhai mineral processing EPC service.

Tanzania 1200tpd Gold Mineral Process Project


Xinhai mineral processing EPC service was applied in Tanzania Africa in 2014. Although the intense heat, Xinhai still successfully accomplished its work at time with high-quality. The gold recovery rate was farther more than the expected, which wined the highly compliment from the client.

At the same year, President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, met the Chairman of Xinhai in person, and expressed his expectation of further cooperation with Xinhai mineral processing EPC.

Sudan 500tpd Gold Mineral Process Project


Sudan Gold gravity-CIP processing plant adopted Xinhai mineral processing EPC service in 2015. This project was under the standard of European standard engineering, and the process debugging index passed once. The engineering excellence rate was over 90%, and the recovery rate was up to 92.5%. The client specially sent written letters to express the certainty of the engineering quality.

The new processing mode, Xinhai customized mineral processing EPC, is beyond the global condition. It derives from the client's consumption requirement, integrates the processing flow, and breaks the limits of culture, management, connection and other aspects. It increases the production efficiency and solved all the plant problems disposable. The construction period is shortened and the management cost is also saved.

For the global mineral processing industry, the update of customized mineral processing EPC is a single choice rather than a multiple choice. To solve this problem, the plant is directly connected. The mineral processing plant can find the answer form the result of Xinhai customized mineral processing EPC service.