Introduction of Three Types of Xinhai Vibrating Screen

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As a part of the whole mineral processing flow, the screening operation is very important. Screening equipment is also used for dewatering and thickening in the whole mineral processing flow, rather than screening. The screening equipment can screen the qualified material before crushing, which can avoid the over-crushing and reduce the consumption of the crusher. Besides, it can also check if the material is at a suitable granule or not, and screen the material into several classifications for separation, which can increase the processing efficiency.

As one of the mineral processing equipment manufacturers with over 20-year experience, Xinhai has updated the screening equipment, and developed three types of vibrating screen wildly used in the mineral processing projects: round vibrating screen, auto centering vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen

01Stable and high-efficient, Xinhai round vibrating screen

round vibrating screen

Xinhai round vibrating screen is suitable for the material classifying of the mineral process, construction material, electricity, chemical industry and other departments. It can also be used to dewatering, de-sliming, and de-medium. Xinhai has updated the round vibrating screen on the basis of the traditional round vibrating screen. Using eccentric shaft plus eccentric block type vibrator to make the round vibrating screen more stable and high-efficient. It is named as the round vibrating screen for its motion trail looks like a round. Besides, Xinhai round vibrating screen has adopted springs to reduce the running noise effectively. Its ring-grooved lock bolt and plate screen box frame structure were featured with high strength and durability.

During working, the eccentric exciter block creates high speed through the motor and triangular belt. The screen box is inspired by vibrating when the centrifugal force is big. The material on the screen is impacted by successively throwing. During this period, the smaller granules can be through the screen, the screen is finished.

A Mongolian mineral processing plant would like to improve the feeding efficiency through screening after upgrading the crushing equipment. They chose Xinhai round vibrating screen under the cost control, which not only achieved multiple-layered screening, but also satisfied the production requirement by relying on plate type screening box.

02Revolutional and practical, Xinhai auto centering vibrating screen

auto centering vibrating screen

As a traditional vibrating screen, auto centering vibrating screen is widely used in the screening of middle-to-fine granules. Xinhai used wear-resistance rubber for the elastic limit member, and new patent technology for the pedestal vibrating screen jacking device. Xinhai auto centering vibrating screen can be manufactured into two types: seating type and under-slung type. It is featured with long service life, small noise and easy-to-repair. What's more, the vibration amplitude and balancing quality of the screen can be adjusted according to the production requirement. There is 3 to 5mm offset between the big belt gear and the eccentric shaft, which can balance the running routine during working, make the vibrating screen more stable.

Auto centering vibrating screen uses the motor to motivate the main bearing of the belt pulley during running. The centrifugal force from the belt pulley is added into the vibrating system. The force motivates the straining box to move as a circle. The eccentric block on the particular stress wheel can make sure the centrifugal force from it can be balanced by the centrifugal force from the rotation of the straining box, which becomes an innovation balance. It makes the belt gear auto centering, and keeps a still distance between the bigger and smaller gear, which avoids the belt tight and loose.

A dressing plant in Yunnan had ore with high water content. The equipment was seriously damaged. They chose Xinhai auto centering vibrating screen for washing and de-sliming. Xinhai adopted wet wear-resistance rubber to prolong the working life of the screen, which highly increased the screening efficiency, ensured the normal process of the pre-separation and reduced the investment cost.

03Low consumption and environmental protection, Xinhai linear vibrating screen

liner vibrating screen

Xinhai linear vibrating screen is used for fine granules, which is suitable for dewatering, de-sliming, de-medium and de-weighting-medium. The angle of the screen surface can be adjusted. The vibrating motor is used as the vibration exciter. The consumption is low and the accuracy is high. There is little basic load and nothing to deal with specially. It is a completely sealed structure and autogenously throwing. The screen body is made up of the rolled plate, which is substance and reliable. The wear-resistance rubber in it enlengthen the working life of the screen.

Xinhai linear vibrating screen is motivated by a double vibrating screen, which reverse rotates at the same time. The excitation forces are neutralized on the crosswise and combined with the sifter. The material moves on a jumping linear trail by the excitation force and gravity.

An iron mineral processing plant in China applied three stage one closed circuit crushing and screening flow. The electric consumption was extremely high after a period of working. They found that Xinhai DZS linear vibrating screen was more efficient after comparison and more suitable for the screening requirement, which totally solved the consumption problem.

Xinhai vibrating screen has been widely used in the many mineral processing projects, which constantly played an important role in the whole mineral processing production line.

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