Molybdenum Dressing Production Line

Molybdenum Dressing Production Line

[Introduction]: Coarse concentrate regrinding and re-separating improves the concentrate index; Determine concentrate regrinding and re-separating process according to the ore properties; To reduce energy consumption by 30%, recovery rate is increased by more than 10%.

[Application]: Molybdenum dressing production line can be used for single or refractory molybdenum with complex properties, close sulfide minerals symbiosis and fine particle distribution

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Process Description

  • Stages grinding and separation improves concentrate indexes

    Mixed roughing after the coarse grinding, then regrinding the coarse concentrate and cleaning; the small quantity of regrinding crude concentrate makes monomer dissociation and save energy consumption while obtaining high grade concentrate and high recovery rate.

  • Strengthen flotation process improves molybdenum concentrate grade

    Strict implementation of agent system in roughing and control agent dosage to reduce the loss of many cycles; make full use of the twice enrichment of bubble; washing concentrate foam to reduce the impurity in foam flotation.

  • Stage-processing to Guarantee the Recovery Rate

    Stage-processing is appiled to recover valuable minerals in different particle sizes as possible to improve the concentrate indexes.

  • Combining Processing Technology and Equipment

    Xinhai can provide the whole set of equipment for the production line, guaranteeing the fitness of equipment and processing technology.