Xinhai Analysis Molybdenum Flotation Machines

Xinhai Analysis Molybdenum Flotation Machines

2016-06-22 XinHai Views (1066)

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According to working principles of molybdenum flotation machines, molybdenum mining machines are classified into mechanical molybdenum flotation equipment and molybdenum flotation column. The former has agitation device, and the later does not have it.

Inflating mechanical agitation of molybdenum mining machines relies on outside wind providing power. Compared with inflating type, breathing mechanical agitation of molybdenum flotation machine has disadvantages of an inadequate inflatable amount and lower flotation efficiency. 

Recent years, the trend of mechanical molybdenum flotation cell is:

Firstly, large-scale equipment. At present, flotation cell whose single tank area is more than 100m3 has been largely applied in molybdenum mining plant.

Secondly, continuously innovated impeller and inflation added contributing to improving flotation efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and reducing equipment abrasion.

Thirdly, higher automation degree.

Fourthly, applications expanded. It is not only applied in molybdenum flotation, but also in other ore flotation and metallurgy, papermaking and environmental protection areas.

Presently, the main molybdenum flotation cells are mechanical agitation type. In the coarse and scavenging process, inflating mechanical agitation flotation cell is the main equipment, and breathing mechanical agitation flotation cell is the main equipment in fine selection part.

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