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What Are Common Wolframite Ore Beneficiation Equipments?

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Wolframite ore is a common tungsten ore whose processing involves multiple stages to extract the valuable tungsten mineral. The specific equipment used will vary based on ore characteristics, mining methods and processing objectives. The following will introduce you to the types of equipment commonly used in the wolframite mineral processing process.


(Crushing Machine)

01Wolframite ore crushing machine

Crusher is used to reduce the size of ore in mining operations. Common types of crushers include jaw crushers and cone crushers.

a. Jaw crusher: it is usually used as primary crusher to reduce the initial size of ore. They work by compressing the ore between a static jaw and a movable jaw.

b. Cone crusher: it is suitable for secondary and tertiary crushing stages where further size reduction is required.

Each type of crusher has its advantages and is selected based on factors such as the size and hardness of the ore, the desired product size, and the required production capacity of the processing plant.


(Ball Mill Machine)

02Wolframite ore grinding machine

After crushing, grinding equipment is usually used to grind the ore into fine powder. This step prepares you for subsequent processing. Commonly used grinding equipment are ball mills, rod mills or semi-autogenous grinding mills. The choice of grinding mill depends on factors such as ore hardness, required product size and the specific requirements of the mineral processing circuit.

a. Ball mill: it works by rotating the ore and grinding media in a cylindrical container.

b. Rod mill: it is similar to a ball mill, but uses long rods instead of balls for grinding. They are usually used for coarse grinding.

c. Semi-autogenous grinding mill: it uses ore and steel balls for grinding at the same time. They are mainly used in large-scale operations and are more effective in handling hard ores.


(Xinhai Mining gravity separation equipment)

03Wolframite ore gravity separation equipment

Gravity separation is a commonly used method for separating valuable tungsten minerals from gangue minerals in wolframite ore processing. Various types of gravity separation equipment are used in this process, including jigs, shakers and spiral chutes.

a.Jiggers: They are actually large rectangular containers with a screen on top and a funnel on the bottom. The ore is fed into the ore selection hopper, and then the water pulses up and down, causing the denser tungsten minerals to precipitate and be collected in the hopper at the bottom.

b. Shaker: consists of a surface with oscillating grooves that vibrate sideways. When the ore is fed to the vibrating table, the heavier tungsten minerals migrate to the concentrate side, while the lighter gangue minerals move to the tailings side.

c. Spiral chute: uses gravity and centrifugal force to spiral downward in the spiral chute, and separates minerals based on the principle of different densities.

These gravity separation equipment options are very effective for recovering valuable tungsten minerals from wolframite ore, especially when there are significant mineral density differences in the ore.


(Xinhai Mining flotation machine)

04Wolframite ore flotation machine

Flotation is a widely used method for separating minerals from gangue. Flotation machines and related equipment are used to float valuable minerals, including wolframite, to the surface for collection.

The flotation machine achieves ore beneficiation by promoting the separation of valuable tungsten minerals and gangue minerals. The flotation process relies on bubbles attaching to the surface of hydrophobic tungsten minerals, causing them to float to the surface for collection, while leaving hydrophilic gangue minerals and impurities in the flotation cell. Wolframite is usually ground into a fine powder and mixed with water and reagents into a flotation cell. The stirring device inside the flotation machine ensures complete mixing of ore, water and reagents. As air is introduced, bubbles form and attach to the tungsten minerals, carrying them to the surface to form foam. Once collected, the froth containing the tungsten concentrate is skimmed off, while the gangue minerals remain in the tank as tailings. Flotation machines are available in various designs and sizes to accommodate different processing capacities and ore characteristics in wolframite ore processing.


(Magnetic separator)

05Wolframite ore magnetic separator

If the wolframite ore contains magnetic minerals, magnetic separation equipment can be used to separate them from non-magnetic materials. The working principle of magnetic separation equipment is to utilize the magnetic differences between minerals. Wolframite often contains magnetic minerals such as iron oxides, and a magnetic separator generates a magnetic field that attracts and separates these magnetic particles from the non-magnetic components in the ore. Common types of magnetic separation equipment include magnetic drums, which consist of rotating drums that magnetic particles are attracted to and removed, and high-intensity magnetic separators, which are designed to handle high volumes and fine particle separation. Magnetic separation is particularly effective in the presence of magnetic minerals and can efficiently extract the valuable tungsten mineral from the ore.


(Filter Press)

06Wolframite ore dewatering machine

To reduce the moisture content of the concentrate, dewatering equipment such as thickeners and filters may be used. Thickeners work by allowing the slurry to settle and separate into clarified water and concentrated solids, which are discharged as a more concentrated product. Filters, on the other hand, use various methods, such as vacuum or pressure, to physically remove water from the concentrate, producing a drier end product. Effective dewatering is critical to improving the handling, transportation and storage of wolframite concentrates.

The above contents are commonly used wolframite ore beneficiation equipment. The selection of equipment and methods for wolframite ore processing depends on factors such as ore grade, mineralogy and desired final product. Xinhai Mining recommends conducting mineral beneficiation test analysis to determine the composition and characteristics of the ore, design a suitable wolframite mineral processing process, and select appropriate wolframite mineral processing equipment to improve resource utilization and economic benefits.

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