Energy Saving Ball Mill

Energy Saving Ball Mill

[Introduction] : Energy-saving ball mill is a high efficient and energy-saving ball mill with rolling bearing.

[Capacity] : Up to 160t/h

[Improvement] : Cylindrical energy-saving grid ball mill is lined with the grooved ring plate which increases the contact surface of ball and ore, strengthens the grinding effect, and has the ability to improve the ore with lower energy consumption.

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  • 01

    Large double row self-aligning roller bearing with low friction force is used in the energy-saving ball mill to replace sliding bearing, which is easy to start and saves 20-30% energy;

  • 02

    Cylindrical energy-saving grid ball mill adopts the lined grooved ring plate which increases the contact surface of ball and ore , strengthens the grinding effect, and has the ability to improve the ore with lower energy consumption;

  • 03

    Large ore outlet and large capacity;

  • 04

    Energy-saving ball mill with diameter below 2.1 meters adopts whole machine frame, which is convenient for civil construction and equipment installation;

  • 05

    Oil mist lubrication device ensures reliable lubrication of gears.

Product Structure

Cylindrical energy-saving grid ball mill design consists of feeding part, discharging part, rotary part, transmission part (reducer, small gear, motors, electrical control) and other major parts. The hollow shaft is steel castings, and the liner is detachable. Rotary gear is processed by casting hobbing. The cylinder of energy-saving ball mill is lined with wear-resistant liner plate with good resistance to wear. Therefore, the energy-saving ball mill machine works stably in the production.

Technical Parameters

Motor ModelMotor
Max.    Ball Load (t)Weight
MQGg 121212001200Y200L2-6223512207616200.17 ~
MQGg 122412002400Y280M-8455745235217780.26~
MQGg 124012004000JR117-8807990221022620.34~
MQGg 151515001500Y280M-8455740307522801.4 ~4.52.2517125
MQGg 153015003000JR117-8807253307022802.8 ~951021425
MQGg 153615003600JR126-81108595318522803~115.411.424213
MQGg 154515004500JR127-81309680325423703.5~12.571227346
MQGg 183018003000JR136-81808250362027854.5 ~276.651431850
MQGg 183618003600JR136-81808866368327854.5 ~298.213.835467
MQGg 184518004520JR137-82109808368327855~3510.21938909
MQGg 185618005620JR137-821010909368327856~4012.22241681
MQGg 187018007020JR138-824512404378327357~501531.545166
MQGg 212221002200JR128-815571354137.730835~296.62038340
MQGg 213021003000JR136-81808220422030836.5 ~3692743100
MQGg 213621003600JR137-82109154.5432034337.5 ~4210.823.545833
MQGg 214021004000JR137-82109654432030837.5 ~4512.822.547262.4
MQGg 214521004500JR137-6280103504253312510 ~5013.523.652648
MQGg 223022003000JR137-82108220386431837.5 ~459.820.644600
MQGg 243024003000JR138-82809023.54836.434907.2 ~9211.522.559544.5
MQGg 243624003600JR138-83209604.54836.434908 ~10013.825.563932.5
MQGg 244224004200JR138-832010204.54836.434908 ~110163067370
MQGg 272127002100JR138-824583004786.434957.2 ~8410.72366743
MQGg 272727002700JR137-628089014786.434907 ~11013.82971030
MQGg 273027003000JR1410-83209610500034958 ~11515.33283909.2
MQGg 273227003200JR1410-832010724500036208 ~12015.73288073
MQGg 273627003600JR158-8380104095150362012~14517.73795300
MQGg 274027004000JR158-8380106095150362012.5 ~152194298454
MQGg 274527004500JR1510-8450115345200367013~1602240100016
MQGg 274727004700JR1510-8475117795571417513~1702345101645
MQGg 276027006000JR1512-8630132995540.6514015~2003060119546
MQGg 283628003600JR1510-8400109645350367013~16019.741106350
MQGg 323132003100TDMK630-36630127506750515014~18022.545115430
MQGg 324532004500TDMK800-368001389672005152.595~11032.865147588
MQGg 364536004500TDMK1250-4012501828077005496115~17041.576195727