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Ore dressing test mainly includes preparation before test, test process and test result.

Ore dressing test is an important technical basis for the construction and production of ore dressing plant.By determining the properties of raw ore, we could master the properties and types of ore and determine the recoverable valuable elements. According to the test results, the beneficiation process is formulated to ensure the ore recovery rate and provide technical support for design and production.

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Preparation before Test

Preparation before test

The clients should provide about 50kg representative samples, some special samples about 200~1000kg. The simple test needs 30 working days, and the detailed test about half a year.

Sign the test contract with clients before the mineral dressing test, and make sure dressing process to test.


Testing Process

Testing process

Chemical Lab of Mineral Dressing Research Institute analyzes the material components (ore structure, mineral and types of ore) and chemical properties (elements, the particle size screening, density, ore relative grindability) of crude ore, and gets some data for the subsequent beneficiation test.

Testing process

After the working of Chemical Lab, Mineral Dressing Research Room takes the mineral beneficiation test which tests the optimum conditions of dressing process. Testers take the exploratory testing at first relying on rich experience, and then the detailed testing including grinding fitness, reagent dosage, open and closed circuit test, etc. After obtaining the final products,testers should analyze them to get the recovery rate, and then take sedimentation test of concentrate and tailings as references of equipment selection.


Test Results

After finishing all the tests, Mineral Dressing Lab writes a detailed “Mineral dressing test report” by summarizing the test process. In the last part of test report, the optimum technological process and technological parameters are presented.

" Mineral dressing test report" is an important basis of next mine design, and brings significance of guiding actual production.

Notes: Recovery rate is the final result of mineral dressing test, and the core of dressing plant construction. Every 1% reduction of recovery rate causes huge losses, especially in gold, silver mine, so the purpose of mineral dressing test is to get the recovery rate as high as possible in order to reduce the loss of clients.

Xinhai Mineral Dressing
Research Institute

Each dressing test of Mineral Dressing Research Institute is in strict accordance with the following steps (the following table data is from the relevant dressing test data of a client)

Xinhai Mineral Dressing Research Institute

Preparation of Sample

This part is described as preparation of sample used in test. The following sample process flow chart and preparation table is provided for clients


Crude Ore Properties Determination

The crude ore properties determination includes:
ore material component determination and ore chemical properties determination.

Ore Material Component Determination

The ore material component determination includes structures, types and components of ore, metal and non-metallic mineral characteristics. The following part of chart presents the ore material component determination.

Ore Material Component Determination
Iron pyrite

Pyrite is hypidiomorphic Iodine

Iron pyrite

Pyrite is skeleton crystal by sphalerite metasomatism

Porphyritic texture

Porphyritic texture

Ore Chemical Properties Determination

Ore chemical properties determination includes crude ore multi-element analysis (to make sure if the ore can be comprehensively recycled and used), crude ore particle size screening analysis, ore density determination and ore relative grindability test. The following is related charts of ore tests:


Mineral Dressing Test

Mineral dressing test includes exploration test and mineral dressing conditions test.

Exploration test primarily explores the mineral dressing conditions, and then gets a better process condition. The detailed test follows the process condition determination including grinding fineness test, reagent test, open circuit and closed circuit test. The following is part of the chart of exploration test and detailed test for customers.

  • Flotation exploration test flow chart

    Flotation exploration test flow chart

  • Grinding fineness test flow

    Grinding fineness test flow

  • Reagent dosage test

    Reagent dosage test


Final Analysis Result

This step takes the valuable element analysis and screening analysis of valuable mineral concentrate and tailings, and gets the recovery rate of valuable mineral.

  • Main elements analysis result of Pb concentrate

    Main elements analysis result of Pb concentrate

  • Zn concentrate

    Pb concentrate

  • Main elements analysis result of tailings

    Main elements analysis result of tailings


Sedimentation Test

Sedimentation test as reference of equipment selection aims to concentrate and tailings of valuable mineral. The flowing is the sedimentation test result of Pb concentrate.