The Disadvantages of the Iron Ore Cyclones

2018-02-05 XinHai Views (1478)

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China has abundant iron ore resources, but the grade is low and the disseminated particle sizes are fine. It needs to be ground and classified and then graded. As a high efficient classifying equipment---hydrocyclone, it is used more and more widely in the iron ore classifying. However, there are some disadvantages of the iron ore cyclones except the advantages of high classifying rate and large capacity.


Because of its large consumption of kinetic energy, when given the high pressure, it will be badly worn and the overhauling cost is high. Although there is no dynamical structure for the iron ore cyclones itself, it needs the pump to make the pulp into the cyclones at a certain pressure by the tangent. The kinetic energy consumption of the pump is large. When the ore feeding pressure is large, the impact of the ore particle size and the inwall of the cyclones will be strong. The abrasion will be more serious. The replacement cycle of the equipment will be short and needs higher overhauling cost.

When it is used for the classifying in the closed-circuit ore grinding, as the cyclones volume is small, there is no buffering ability for the ore fluctuations, which is less stable than the mechanical classifiers.

There are many factors that affect the cyclone process effect, so it is hard to ensure and main the best working conditions. The factors that affect the process effect are the material properties, the structure of the cyclones and the operation. Among that, the material factors include the constitution of the material particle sizes, the material viscosity, moisture content and the salt content. The cyclones structure factors include the barrel diameters, the ore feeding tube, the diameters of the settlement port, the feeding pressure of the material. In the practical production process, the factors of the material properties and the cyclones structure are unchangeable. It usually achieves the classifying efficiency by adjusting the operation factors.

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