Do You Know How the Mining Processing of Copper Is Carried Out?

Do You Know How the Mining Processing of Copper Is Carried Out?

2016-04-22 XinHai Views (986)

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Copper ore mainly has many associated minerals, so it is difficult to be extract in a simple way. Usually the mining processing of copper is preferential flotation and mixed flotation.

As the name suggests, the processing of copper mainly is preferential flotation, which used to float up the useful minerals firstly, and then carry out the separation of the two or more minerals. While the mixed flotation of processing of copper will float up all the useful minerals and then separate them by flotation in other ways. Taking the refining process of copper is that copper deposit is a porphyry type copper deposit. By the different nature of the ore and ore bearing properties, it can be divided into eclipse variable phyllite and erosion granodioritic rocks. By the different structures, it can be divided into two main types which are veinlet and disseminated ones. There is a small amount of oxidized ore and mixed ore in the upper part of the ore body. The content of copper, sulfur, molybdenum, gold is 0.5%, 2%, 0.01% and 0.235g/t respectively. Mineral composition is simple and useful minerals mainly contain pyrite, chalcopyrite, chalcocite, followed by chalcocite and bornite and sphalerite. Non-metallic minerals are mainly quartz, sericite, chlorite, epidote and kaolin etc.

On this basis, mining process of copper can be determined. The adopted procedure is a closed circuit with three stages and washing minerals, which will use vibrating screen and spiral classifier. Since the mud volume decreases, so the refining process of copper changed to three closed-circuit with non-tin process. This process can finally crush copper particle size to less than 15mm. There is no much difference with the common ore mining plant to the crushing stage. Because of the particularity of copper ore which contains a large amount of mud, the refining process of copper increases desliming process.

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