Lead-Zinc Ore (Flotation) Processing Plant

Lead-Zinc Ore (Flotation) Processing Plant Design in Changdu County, Tibet

2017-03-09 XinHai Views (1073)

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This lead-zinc polymetallic mine was located in the “three-river” High Mountain and canyon area of eastern Tibet and the elevation was from 3200 to 4040m. The climate of this area was continental plateau cold temperate zone semi-arid monsoon. The characteristic of the mine was mainly mineral assemblages of Pb, Sb and Zn. Pb and Sb were closely associated with each other. The jamesonite ores were distributed irregularly and widely. The Pb, Sb and Zn grade of the raw ore were 4.12%, 3.71% and 1.74%.

For special regionalism and disposition of this mine, Xinhai provided 600,000 tpa mineral processing plant design service. Crushing section adopted three-stage one closed-circuit technology, and choosed lower failure rate and high-efficiency equipment to provide support for achieving "more crushing and less grinding", reducing the mill power consumption, improving the ore grinding capacity and reducing unit cost of mineral processing; the grinding and classifying section adopted energy-saving ball mill and wear-resistant rubber hydrocyclone to provide support for reducing mill power consumption and construction investment; separation operation adopts “preferential flotation of lead and antimony— mixed flotation and separation of zinc and sulphur” technology, and with reasonable agent regime, it could get mixed concentrate of lead and antimony as well as zinc concentrate; perfect backwater storage and recycling facilities made it easier to realize no wastewater discharge and water recycling; matched automatic control system made it easier to manage the plant; all electricity transformation and distribution equipment was plateau-type product which was adaptable to altitude more than 3,200m.

Tibet was one ecologically vulnerable area. The ore reserve was large but the ore type was complex. Reasonable development had always been concerned. Based on the principle of "ecological protection, comprehensive utilization", Xinhai provided lead-zinc ore of La Nuoma with complete design service and helped client achieve success.

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