Mineral Processing Test And Study On Jiangxi Polymetallic Ore

Mineral Processing Test And Study On Jiangxi Polymetallic Ore

2017-03-09 XinHai Views (1124)

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With the Pb content of 7.08%, Zn content of 3.55%, Ag content of 197.1g/t, As content of 3.60% and the ignition loss of 11.65% in the raw ore, the zinc and lead ore in Jiangxi Province, was classified as lead, zinc & silver complex polymetallic refractory ore which contained high carbon & arsenic. In order to provide scientific and reasonable design basis, Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Xinhai”) had carried out metallurgical test work and study on the ore.

According to the ore characteristics, Xinhai adopted the processes of decarburization in advance, lead selective flotation, lead system with one-stage roughing, one-stage scavenging, one-stage regrinding & four-stage concentration for the concentrate after the rouging process, zinc system with one-stage roughing, one-stage scavenging & three-stage concentration, and sulfur separation for zinc tailings. Together with reasonable agent regime, ideal separation results had been achieved and the precious metals have been enriched in lead concentrate as much as possible. It was resulted from the closed circuit experiment that the grades of Pb & Ag of lead concentrate were respectively 69.76% and 1307.3g/t, the recovery rates of them were respectively 80.03% and 54.83%, and the grade & recovery of Zn of zinc concentrate were respectively 50.17% and 80.36%.

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