2019 National Mineral Processing Equipment Management and Innovation Conference | Xinhai Won the Title of "2019 Most Popular Mineral Processing Equipment Brand"

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On October 18th-20th, 2019 National Mineral Processing Equipment Management and Innovation Conference was successfully held in Xi'an. With the theme of "Scientific management, innovation and development" The conference was to provide a platform for communicating the equipment innovation, application practice, scientific management, cutting-edge concept, development direction through the special report, roundtable dialogue, exhibition display, free discussion, helping China's mining equipment step into the road of technological innovation, energy conservation, environmental protection and green intelligent and efficient service.

Yunlong Zhang, chairman of Xinhai Mining, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech on "Technical Experience and Strategies of Overseas Mining Investment". At the same time, Xinhai won the title of "2019 most popular mineral processing equipment brand" in the selection activity held in the early stage of the conference.


(Xinhai - 2019 most popular mineral processing equipment brand)

At the conference, Mr. Zhang started from the pain points of overseas mining development, thought that the current overseas mining development still existed many problems, such as investment budget overruns, cannot reach the standard, the day that put into production is the day that technology reform. These problems were rooted in the early stage of the lack of scientific evidence. Then, Mr. Zhang also cited several mining development projects that domestic enterprises carried out in Peru, Guinea and Australia as an example, which effectively explained the importance of formulating the reasonable mining investment technology program.

Mr. Zhang delivered the speech

(Mr. Zhang delivered the speech)

In addition, Mr. Zhang also shared the outstanding achievements of Xinhai on mineral processing technology and equipment innovation. Currently, Xinhai ore had 28 kinds of mineral processing technology only in terms of gold ore processing. Combining with an instance of a lot of gold ore dressing plant, Mr. Zhang respectively explained the technology innovation of Xinhai in the recovery of sand ore with metal minerals, high grade and multi-granular gold ore, laterite type gold ore or the gold ore cannot be treated with reagents, flash flotation of easily beneficiated gold ore, easy-to-grind and difficult-to-grind mixed type gold ore.


(A kind of gold ore dressing technology)

In terms of technological innovation of mineral processing equipment, Xinhai had improved 80% of the ore dressing equipment and successfully obtained more than one hundred patents. Mr. Zhang paid tribute to the optimized gravity separation equipment group, ball mill, double -stage pump, Y-ball valve, pinch valve. Taking the double-stage pump as an example, Xinhai XPAâ…¡slurry pump was designed as the double pump with 75 meters of lifting, lined with the wear-resistant rubber lining with long service life and few faults. Moreover, the proportion of rubber lining was small; At the same time, the shaft seal had zero leakage. It completely solved the problems of anticorrosion but abrasion-resisting of the stainless steel pump, wear-resisting but anticorrosion free of alloy pump and low-head of single-stage rubber pump, which expanded the application field of the rubber pump.


(Xinhai double - stage pump)

Accordingly, Xinhai thought, there were no same mines in the world, each a mine should be tailored to their own mineral processing technology and equipment for creating the ideal benefits. The one-stop, customized mineral processing EPC+M+O service not only provides the customers with high efficient and energy-saving mineral processing equipment, but also customizes the practical and innovative mineral processing technology based on actual situation, complete and professional production line configuration and high quality good housekeeper type service, which meets the needs of most of the mine development at home and abroad, helps customers solve the kinds of problems in the process of mining development.

Under the context of global economic integration, China has become the center of global mining and is in an important period from the big mining power to the strong mining power. Xinhai will continue to push forward Xinhai solution, improve its own technical innovation and application on mineral processing technology and equipment, provide the customized mineral processing EPC+M+O service for more mines around the world, promote the global mining industry to prosper and harmonious development.

Xinhai - Mineral Processing EPC+M+O Projects

1. Guinea 8000tpd gold mineral processing project


2. Tanzania 1200tpd gold mineral processing project


3. Uganda 720tpd phosphorite mineral processing project


4. Malaysia 700tpd gold mineral processing project


5. Morocco 500tpd silver mineral processing project


6. Russia 500tpd gold mineral processing project