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High-efficiency Energy-saving Ball Mill

2015-10-22 XinHai Views (1110)

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Ball mills are mainly constituted by a barrel with a fixed diameter to length ratio. Compared with common ball mill, energy-saving ball mill lifts steel balls by liners in barrels to a fixed height and drop them to grind the materials.

Energy-consumption in grinding stage occupy 50% to 60% in all energy-consumption. So high-efficiency energy-saving ball mill could save your much cost. We will talk about the advantages of high-efficiency energy-saving ball mills.

Bearings are redesigned in this grinding machine. It could be started using less energy about 20% to 30%. Grinding machines lifts steel balls and drop them to grind materials, so liners in a barrel are important to the grinding machines. This machine adopts wave-formed liners, expanding the contact surface between steel balls and materials. So the high-efficiency energy-saving ball mill could save energy and cut cost.

Grinding machines are the most important equipment in mining plant. Confronting with the increasing cost of mining plant, high-efficiency energy-saving ball mill will be the best choice for most mining plant.

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