Small Ball Mill Manufacturers

Small Ball Mill Manufacturers

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The modal of ball mill depends on the nature and the capacity of the ore. For the small mine and laboratory where the capacity is small, small ball mill is adopted. Generally, it is important to know the small ball mill manufacturers and choose a high-quality ball mill manufacturer to buy a small ball mill for small mine or laboratory. 

The following are the models of different kinds of small ball mill produces by Xinhai: MQGg1212 of Wet Energy-saving Grid Ball Mill, MQYg0912 of Wet Energy-saving Overflow Type Ball Mill.

 GZMg0912 of Cone Grid Ball Mill , GZM0912 of Cone Overflow Type Ball Mill, MQG0909 of Grid Ball Mill, MQY0918 of Overflow Type Ball Mill. What’s more, other types of these ball mill can be produced by Xinhai.

Xinhai mining machinery company is a small ball mill manufacturer, whose products have been used by many small mines and laboratories. More than 500 small ball mill has been produced by Xinhai and has been used more than 10 years. Xinhai small ball mills are popular in the African and South American markets and gained high honor. The customers are all praising Xinhai as a model of small ball mill manufactures, father of small ball mill.

Not only providing high-quality small ball mill, Xinhai also offers quality pre-sale and after-sale service, till the customer gets a ball mill satisfactorily.

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