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What Is Magnetic Manganese Separation Process?

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Manganese ore and its further processing products have been widely used in various fields of national economy. At the same time, manganese ore is also an essential and important raw material for metallurgy and many other industrial sectors. So how to obtain high-quality manganese concentrate resources to meet the industrial production demand? Nowadays, the beneficiation methods of manganese ore can be divided into three categories: mechanical beneficiation, fire method enrichment beneficiation and chemical beneficiation. Mechanical mineral processing can be divided into mineral washing, screening, gravity separation, strong magnetic separation and flotation separation. Sometimes, in order to improve the dressing efficiency of manganese ore, the combined dressing method is chosen. Here will introduce the combined separation of the manganese ore seaparation process.

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The gravity-magnetic separation process of manganese ore can be divided into pre-selection preparation stage, gravity separation stage and magnetic separation stage. The detailed process flow is as follows:

01Preparation satge of manganese ore separation process

The pre-selection stage is mainly for the initial separation of useful minerals and gangue minerals. At the same time, it is also designed to facilitate the subsequent manganese ore separation process. Its process can be mainly divided into crushing, ore washing and screening. The specific process is: the manganese ore stored in the original ore bin enters the crusher for crushing operation. A jaw crusher is generally used for coarse crushing of raw materials. The broken product will enter the next washing process under the belt conveyor transport. The purpose of ore washing is mainly to separate the ore and mud by using hydraulic flushing or mechanical scrubbing. The overflow and bottom parts after ore washing will have different mineral processing processes according to their characteristics.

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02Gravity separation process of manganese ore

Generally speaking, the gravity separation process is suitable for the manganese ore with simple structure and coarse embedded granularity, especially the manganese oxide ore with high density. Therefore, the bottom flow products of the mine will be performed the gravity separation process. Before gravity separation, a screening machine needs to screen the size of the particles.  In order to improve the screening efficiency, Xinhai recommends using double-layer vibration screen. The first layer with a diameter greater than 30mm can be hand selected or discarded.The ore particle diameter of the second layer of the vibrating screen is roughly 5-30mm, which can enter the jig machine for reselection operation.The third layer of the sieve machine of mineral particles is less than 5mm, and these mineral particles will also be sent to another jig machine for treatment.

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03Magnetic separation process of manganese ore

From the above, the bottom flow part of the scrubbing machine enters the screening and gravity seapration operation. The overflow part of the scrub machine will enter the magnetic separation machine for magnetic selection.Because magnetic separation operation has the advantages of simple operation and easy control, magnetic separation can be used for the selection of various manganese minerals. When the manganese ore is selected by combined gravity and magnetic separation, the magnetic separator mainly processes the ore particles with a diameter of less than 1mm. When conducting magnetic selection, the permanent magnetic separator machine is generally used.

The above is the manganese ore gravity-magnetic separation process flow. When completing the gravity and magnetic separation, the product will enter the filter or filter press for processing to get the manganese concentrate products.General concentrator will use disc vacuum filter or program-controlled hydraulic filter press.The selected tailings are transported to the tailings pond for processing.

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When manganese ore beneficiation is carried out, in order to improve the concentrate grade, reduce production cost and improve economic benefits, Xinhai recommends the ore beneficiation plant to carry out the optional test of manganese ore raw ore, and design suitable beneficiation process and equipment. Only an efficient beneficiation production line can improve the concentrate grade and avoid resource waste. Xinhai can provide you with the whole industry chain service of beneficiation(EPC+M+O), customize the process flow of manganese ore beneficiation and provide efficient beneficiation equipment. And we have a professional installation team and perfect after-sales service. You can buy products from Xinhai with confidence. If you need it, please contact us.

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