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Manganese Oxide Mineral Processing Methods

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As an important raw material in the metallurgical industry, the global consumption of manganese ore is increasing year by year. With the massive mining of high-quality manganese ore, the mining of lean ore has gradually been paid attention to. In order to improve the utilization rate of raw materials, correct and appropriate beneficiation technology is one of the measures to solve the problem. This article will introduce several mineral processing methods of manganese oxide lean ore, which are mainly divided into two categories: single beneficiation process and combined beneficiation process.

01Single mineral processing methods of manganese oxide ore

In the manganese ore production, the single process is simple and convenient, mainly including: ore washing, gravity separation and magnetic separation.


Manganese oxide ore washing technology

Manganese oxide washing process is often combined with the ore screening process. There are two main methods: one is the manganese oxide ore into the vibrating screen for screening, and then directly flushing cleaning, ang the other is that manganese oxide is washed first, and then into the vibrating screen. In the actual production, the ore washing process is a necessary process in the process of manganese oxide beneficiation. If the rich ore can be directly processed into the smelting process after washing the ore. In order to improve the economic benefit, the twice or three-time ore washing mode can be adopted.


Manganese oxide ore gravity separation technology

When the gravity separation process is used for manganese oxide ore, the equipment used mainly includes jig and shaker. The jig is used for the selection of coarse and medium grain ore, while the shaker is mainly suitable for the dressing of fine grain materials. When gravity separation process of manganese oxide ore, fine grinding needs to be done first to avoid overgrinding, the particle size can be selected according to the properties of the ore, which can improve the efficiency of gravity separation process. Manganese oxide gravity separation process has the advantages of low investment and cost.


Magnetic separation technology of manganese oxide ore

Magnetic separation process is one of the more traditional measures for manganese oxide beneficiation. In general, the magnetic separation process contains two stages: rough selection and sweep selection. The magnetic force strength, pulsation stroke, pulsation stroke time and rotation speed are all the factors affecting the magnetic separation effect. At present, the more commonly used magnetic separation equipment mainly includes: permanent magnet roller type strong magnetic machine, permanent magnetic machine and new wet permanent magnet type high gradient strong magnetic machine. In the actual production, this process has the advantages of low production consumption, more visible personnel operation, easy control of equipment and strong applicability.


02Combined beneficiation technology of manganese oxide ore

Gravity and magnetic separation combined beneficiation technology

A single magnetic separation process achieves a high metal recovery rate, but the grade of the recovered concentrate is poor. The single gravity separation process is just the opposite of magnetic separation, which can obtain higher-grade concentrates, but its metal recovery rate is poor. Therefore, the manganese oxide beneficiation process combined with strong magnetic separation and jigging gravity separation can be selected, which can improve the quality and economic benefits of beneficiation production. When gravity separation and magnetic separation are used together, the manganese oxide ore can be magnetically separated by a strong magnetic separator, and then the ore after magnetic separation can be re-separated by a diaphragm jig.


Magmagnetic and flotation combined beneficiation technology

This mineral processing process is highly specific for the treatment of manganese oxide ore. For manganese ores with severe weathering and small particles in minerals, it is difficult to get better beneficiation effect by using magnetic separation, reseparation and flotation in a single way, so the combination of magnetic and flotation can be selected for treatment. The process is to reduce the magnetization of the ore and bake, then the weak magnetization, and finally the reverse flotation of iron tailings.

The above are several techniques of manganese oxide, single or combined, depends on the nature of the ore itself. Therefore, it is suggested that it should conduct beneficiation test first, and then determine the suitable manganese oxide ore processing process scheme. As the proposer and practitioner of "Turn-key Solution for Mineral Processing Plant (EPC+M+O)", Xinhai Mining always rewards customers with high-quality equipment and technical services, and you can get high-quality manganese oxide beneficiation equipment, accurate beneficiation test and customized beneficiation plan. If necessary, you are welcome to consult with them.

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