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The Importance of Iron Ore Tailings Reuse

2016-03-01 XinHai Views (1390)

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Iron ore tailings are one of the solid waste of industry, it will be harmful to environment if they covered the use of iron ore tailings becomes very important.Follows are the importance of iron ore tailings use.

With the great development of the economy, our steel industry has a great development as well, so there are lots of iron ore tailings in all the mining tailings. It is important to reuse the iron ore tailings and it also good for society.

(1)Iron ore tailings are environmentally harmful. We have already know that mine process could cause pollution for surroundings, and this pollution source is tailings. As after a long time store, the chemical would move, if those chemical elements move to the soil or underground water, it would have a bad effect on environment and residents. The tailings storehouse is needed to store tailings, which increases the cost. while dust from the tailings would flow with the wind, and affect the environment and resident health.

(2)Mining tailings storage will cause some security risks. Many mineral companies would build tailings store house to store tailings, those tailing houses are built in remote areas to decrease the risk for residents, but it will cover lots of farm land and forest land. Sometimes, many companies would take covers the good farm land with high productivity for self-interests. With the great growth of iron ore tailings, it is essential to reuse the iron ore tailings.

(3)it will cause resource waste. China mineral reserves are large, but our per capita reserves are relatively low. There is less valuable metal iron in the tailings, but with the development of the mine technology and equipment, the tailings with low grade now can be processed with suitable solution and equipment. Reprocess the tailings is very important for resource recycling and out last development.

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