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In domestic, the typical features of the ore are poverty, fine particles, and complex components. In our country, there are few ores can achieve dissociation only by crushing process, but most of ores by crushing and grinding process. Ball mill is a kind of significant machinery to make the ore be dissociated. Choosing the ball mill and the grinding plant affects the production index of the whole dressing plant.

Several of ranking of ball mill grinding plant are listed on the internet, but Xinhai always keeps on the top three. Xinhai, a ball mill grinding plant, is well-known at home and abroad. Its production are exported to various countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. And the ball mill enjoys the reputation of good faith.

Compared with other ball mill grinding plant on the list, Xinhai produces superior quality of ball mill with a more rational ratio between length and diameter in the cylinder, which can prevent the coarse particles and over fine particles from grid ball mill grinding. With reasonable design of bearings, motor can rotate lightly and reduce the friction and save the energy up to 20%~30%. With the competitive price, the clients can spend less money to buy the superior quality products and enjoy the considerate service.

In addition, Xinhai, (ranking on the top three in the ball mill grinding plant list, China) has a range of high-quality of before after sales service. Xinhai always conducts rigorous industry tests on every device before sale. Before sale, the quality of equipment will be closely re-examined. When the customers buy the ball mill, the service includes the installation and commissioning to ensure the device runs in a good operation. After the sale, the clients also can enjoy the maintenance and other services. All above service just for the convenience of customers. The aim to keep the ball mill faster, more stable, more efficient, but low cost can be satisfied in Xinhai.

Xinhai, a good ball mill grinding plant, will be your best choice.

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