Tailings dry stacking

“Green Road" of Mines Developing ---Tailings dry stacking

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Since 1949, with rapid development of China, the number of mines and exploration is increasing greatly. In the process of exploration, there is no denying that the environment is polluted and destroyed with backward technologies and equipment. The vegetation destruction and piled tailings leads to serious soil erosion and desertification of land. As time goes on, the environment protection and treatment is more and more difficult.

Thus, in the process of exploration, it is important to fully investigate whether it can destroy the surroundings and take protective measures to keep the eco-system balanced. In addition, it is also necessary to minimum the destruction and wasting of resources.

For a company, environmental protection should contain energy-saving, eco-environmental protection and cyclic utilization of resources.

For a company, it is responsible to carry out environmental protection and energy-saving, which can also set up a good image. In developing itself, they should also undertake the related responsibilities and contribute to social development as well as environmental protection. At this point, the management concept of mining industry has been changed.

Apart from that, the government asks more for environmental protection. In the Twelfth-Five Plan, energy-saving and environmental is a main stream of all developments.

To realize the harmonious development of mineral exploration and eco-environmental protection, the government enacts relevant laws and policies.

In addition, with the process of energy-saving and environmental protection, the sustainable development of mining exploration has attracted much attention. And mining industry has taken many measures to cater for the laws and policies. 

Since founded, Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Company is devoting to developing products with energy-saving and emission reduction. Its star products include ultra fine laminating autogenous mill, total cross-section air lift microbubble flotation cell and multifrequencydewatering screen. What's more, Xinhai ultra fine laminating autogenous mill can save more than 85% energy without dust pollution; total cross-section jet device has greatly improved its performances with more than 85%. Besides, Yantai Xinhai company also develops an advanced multifrequency dewatering screen-tailings dry stacking system with a world-leading level. At the moment, it has been promoted and used widely, solving many problems of tailings dry stacking.

Xinhai tailing dry stacking has the following advantages:

1. Saving labor and time: this is a highly automatical system, therefore, it is low labor requirement and easy operation.

2. Low investment: Xinhai tailing dry stacking can reduces $0.6-1 million per year. The main reason for the low cost is using high efficiency multi-frequency dewatering screen. This equipment can reduce the requirement of thickener, therefore, using cheap thickener could finish the dewatering procedure.

3. Water recycling: using Xinhai tailing dry stacking system, the water recycling rate can reach to 90%-95%, which saving a great deal of water resources.

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