Rubber Check Valve

Rubber Check Valve

[Introduction] : A check valve made of wear-resistant materials

[Capacity] : 0.001Mdda

[Improvement] : Xinhai rubber check valve is made of Xinhai 35 wear – resistant rubber with strong wear and corrosive resistance. Experiment shows that it be immersed in a concentration of 30% sulfuric acid or alkaline solutions; 48 hours later, the performance of the rubber has no obvious change, so the applicable range is very wide.

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  • 01

    Xinhai wear rubber with wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high flexibility, the 0.25 mm Xinhai rubber strip stretches to out of shape until 800% length; 

  • 02

    The rubber prolongs the service life of the check valve 2 times;

  • 03

    The opening is very easy because of the high elasticity of the rubber. 1 kilograms of fluid can easily open the valve without blockage;

  • 04

     Xinhai rubber check valve can be customized in specs, size, color, etc. according to customers’ requirements;

  • 05

    Xinhai rubber check valve adopts flange or pipe strap connection.;

  • 06

    Excellent resistance to frost, more suitable for cold areas.

Product Structure

Xinhai rubber check valve opens by inner pressure difference, and closes by outer pressure. When in the forward work, the tiny water pressure can open the valve, and the pressure is greater, the valve opening is larger. In the reverse working, the valve naturally closes.

Technical Parameters

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