Suggestions on Iron Ore Mines Tailings Governance

2015-12-08 XinHai Views (1820)

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There are many iron ore mine tailings in iron ore process. Someone thinks that iron ore mine stailings are the resources put in the wrong place. It is the best method to govern the iron ore tailings reasonably for protecting the environment and saving resources. In China, governance of iron ore tailings to iron still in a beginning, though we have some iron ore mines progress, its complete governance still in a low degree, and has a great distance with the international standard, and it can not suit the requirement and demand of economy and society out last development. Follows are suggestions on iron ore tailings governance based on the current situation and policy, economy, law and technology.In policy, government and local office should pay attention to and support the iron ore mines or hematite tailings governance and make the outlast laws, regulations, and policy which can promote the recycle economy, muster their initiative for deal and governance tailings, thus it can improve the complete governance on iron ore tailings. Many iron ore tailings governance still in the test stage and can not be popularized and applied, all government department should insist on research and production combined together, further strengthen the tailings research, improve the production-research united, and make the research result applied in the production. Anyway, we made a great progress in iron ore mines tailings governance, but compared with the realistic demands, we still have a great distance. Iron ore mines tailings governance is a tough task without much time, it should be pied more attention by the society, and promote the iron ore mines tailings complete governance and out last development. The research on iron ore mines tailings just begin, and utilization has great prospects. We should believe that in the efforts of government, offices, research institutions, universities and plant company, our iron ore mines tailings governance will have a great development.If you seek the most advanced technical support in governance iron ore mines tailings, Xinhai is your best choice, we have the best technology team give you advice on iron ore mines , and our tailings research institute will design the suitable iron ore mines tailings process and governance. Xinhai also manufactures all kinds of mining equipment( such as iron ore mines tailings equipment). We have reasonable price, best quality, and service, we are your reliable partner.

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