Intelligent weighting metering system

Intelligent weighting metering system

[Introduction] : Intelligent weighting metering system can carry out dynamic continuous weighing during the period ores or concentrates transportation on belt conveyor. At the same time, the transport flow is adjusted to achieve an accurate weight ratio. The automatic dosing system controls the instantaneous flow and cumulative amount of various materials according to the set ratio, thus meeting the quality requirements of controlling the final mixed product. It improves the quality and output of ingredients and production efficiency, and also reduces the working strength of labors.

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  • 01

    It can control multiple materials inprecise ratios, with several formula set by user;

  • 02

    Real-time showing dynamic productionprocesses, directly operating with manual/automatic control mode;

  • 03

    The report is fully functional, recordingand saving formula data and production data, convenient for querying andexporting;

  • 04

    Complete fault chain function andintelligent prejudgment, avoiding ratio out of control with alarm.

  • 05

    Make ingredients evenly and control at thesame time, arriving dynamic adjustment;

  • 06

    Automatic quantification of packaging anddelivery systems can be deployed at the same time.