Hematite Dry Separation Equipment Commonly Used of Iron Ore

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Hematite ore, the commonly iron ore used the industrial raw material for iron ore making, with certain magnetism, so most of the hematite process contains a magnetic link. According to the anhydrous medium, the magnetic extracting iron from hematite can be divided into dry magnetic separation and wet magnetic separation. In the iron ore plant, hematite iron ore uses dry separation equipment are mainly magnetic roller and dry permanent magnetic cylinder type magnetic separation machine products, wet magnetic separation equipment of iron ore are mainly vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separation machine, wet permanent magnet drum type magnetic separation machine, etc. Here the common iron ore hematite dry separation equipment were briefly introduced.Magnetic the roller is commonly used in iron ore dry cleaning equipment, usually configured after the middle crushing and throw tailings and waste rock in iron ore hematite crushing process. Magnetic roller can be divided into electromagnetic and permanent magnetic, of which the iron ore hematite permanent magnetic is mainly composed of a magnetic system, roller, magnetic yoke, aluminum rings, belts and other parts, quite in a weak magnetic cylinder installed on the conveyor belt instead of the head wheel, or said in head of belt wheel mounted on the magnet system, the magnetic system wrap angle of 360 degrees. In the process of iron ore hematite selection the hematite is uninformed on the distribution belt, when hematite extracting iron from hematite through the magnetic roller, non magnetic or weak-magnetic particles have small magnetic, and under the combination of centrifugal force and gravity they go from the belt surface into the iron ore hematite tailings products, and magnetic that has strong magnetic force in the movement process is adsorbed on the belt surface, and with the belt moves to the lower part of the magnetic drum, belt surface area magnetic field strength weakened, magnetic particles fall into magnetic products. In plant often by adjusting the plate under the magnetic roller to adjust the product quality and yield.Dry type drum permanent magnetic separator used when extracting iron from hematite, according to the number of the magnetic roller can be divided into the single cylinder and double cylinder. Mainly composed of the roller, magnetic system, box, a feeder, a transmission mechanism etc., and its working principle is approximately the same as magnetic roller, magnetic particles in the drum surface by the strong magnetic force adsorbs on the surface of the cylinder, weak magnetic or non-magnetic mineral magnetic effect is weak, left surface of the cylinder under the gravity and centrifugal force. The magnetic system of iron ore used is composed by strontium ferrite permanent magnet blocks, multiple, small distance, magnetic wrap angle is a 270-degree pole along the circumferential direction n / s alternating arrangement. The characteristics of the magnetic system of dry type permanent magnet cylinder magnetic separator make the magnetic field is not uniform, and the depth of action is limited to the roller surface.Compared to the dry permanent magnetic drum magnetic separator of iron ore hematite when hematite extracting iron from hematite, magnetic roller in iron ore hematite selection is used widely, through the magnetic roller, pre-thrown gangue, and waste ore can effectively reduce the processing capacity of the subsequent operations.

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