Magnetic Drum

Magnetic Drum

[Introduction] : A dry magnetic separator for strong magnetic minerals with coarse particles, and it is also called magnetic pulley.

[Capacity] : 100t/h-350t/h

[Improvement] : Cylinder could be lined with Xinhai wear- resistant rubber to prolong the service life

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  • 01

    Large feeding particle size (450-0mm), no classification before feeding;

  • 02

    High strength and high reliability of the mechanical structure guarantee the normal work of the magnetic drum in a variety of harsh environment;

  • 03

    The demagnetization rate of the magnetic density within 8 years is no more than 5%;

  • 04

    Can not only be the driving roller but also the driven roller.

Product Structure

The materials are uniformly fed to the belt. When materials go through the permanent magnetic drum, the non-magnetic and low-magnetic particles will leave the belt surface because of the centrifugal force and gravitation. Meanwhile, strong-magnetic particles are absorbed to the belt by the magnetic force and then fall into the magnetic trough when the belt leaves the magnetic pulley.

Technical Parameters

Model    & Spec.Diameter of Cylinder (mm)Length    of Cylinder (mm)Width    of Belt (mm)Surface    Magnetic Density (mt)Capacity
Feed    Size (mm)Total Weight (t)