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Suitable gravity separation equipment selection brings efficient gravity process

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gravity separation process is used to classify the different specific weight of ores. Xinhai gravity separation equipment includes Jig, shaking table and spiral chute, which could provide suitable gravity equipment selection for customers. There are some brief introduction of these equipment.

1, How to maintain jig?

(1) Check the diaphragm and screen mesh of jig, and replace the worn one timely.

(2) Check the screen plate, and press the loose screen frame tightly

(3) Check the eccentric connecting rod bearing, and replace the worn bearings timely

(4) Check the sub-screen water adding pipes

(5) Repair the motor if exist abnormal noise and heating

2, The adjustment factors of jig operation

The adjustment factors includes feeding volume, wind and water volume, discharge volume and numerical control device

(1) Feeding volume: Continuous, uniform and stable

(2) Wind and water volume: moderate wind and water are good for working of jig, and the usage of wind and water is complementary which need the operator to adjust according to the actual situation and experience

(3) Discharge volume: the discharge of layers distributed by different density, should be timely, continuous and reasonable

3, Common problems and solutions of 6-S shaking table

(1) Big pulley: hand check the large pulley, the clearance of large pulley proves the installation is not stable. Solution: to find a piece of scrap steel skin or a small thin tin to plug into the pin of the big pulley, then fixed screw on side

(2) Rocking lever: fist take down two toggle plates, then one hand holds the big pulley, and the other hand sways rocking lever.Under normal circumstances, it is hard to swing but wag.On the contrary, the rocking lever is not fixed. Solution: tighten screws on the rocking lever.(3) Eccentric shaft: the hands hold the big pulley to swing, if feel move or mechanical clearance, the eccentric shaft is not fixed. Solution: tighten two small screws on 6-S gearbox oil cover.

(4) Four supporting plates on saddle footing: check the position of supporting plates if it is right. Solution: adjusting the position

4, The classification of spiral chute

The chutes are divided into 3 classes according to the ore particle size

(1) The coarse ore chute, the maximum feeding particle size between 2-200 mm.

(2) Ore sand chute for 2-3 mm particles

(3) Pulp chute for feeding particle size less than 0.074mm

5, The differences between spiral chute and spiral dressing machine

(1) Cross section of the spiral chute is linear or cubic parabola.

(2) Concentrate, middling and tailings is discharged at the end of spiral tank, and there is not ore intercepting device in the middle of spiral tank(3) No wash water added in the dressing process

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