Environmental Gravel Gold Mining Machine - BLL Glass Steel Spiral Chute

Environmental Gravel Gold Mining Machine - BLL Glass Steel Spiral Chute

2016-01-26 XinHai Views (1018)

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Thanks for the Scientific Development Concept, people from gold mining propose to save energy and reduce pollution in  gold mining. Gold play an important role in economy, but there are much  pollution in gold mining. So environmental gold mining processing machine is  crucial to the gold mining field. BLL glass steel spiral chute is designed by  Yantai Xinhai for the gold mining process which has great influence to the  gravel gold mining field.

BLL glass steel spiral chute work in pulp  by sand will ore sent to screw the top two feed mouth, adding supplemental  water, to regulate the slurry concentration. Pulp under the action of gravity  naturally from high to low swirl and in the velocity of rotation of the bevel  produced a kind of inertial centrifugal force, because the proportion of ore,  particle size, shape differences, the swirl of gravity and centrifugal force  will gold particles and the gangue minerals are separated. There is plate are  designed in end of spiral to recover concentration, middle and tailings.

BLL glass steel chute spiral chute is the  most advanced gold equipment, with high efficiency, high recovery, mine  accuracy, which are highly welcome. It was running without power, and was wear-rust,  corrosion resistance and other advantages to reduce operating costs, improve the  service life. In order to improve the efficiency of separation, the maker of  Yantai Xinhai in the surface of the separating design the emery, through many  of the practical production show that emery formed on the surface of the  friction on the dressing effect is better than other plastic surfaces.

Based on years of experience, Xinhai could  not only provide the reliable gold mining equipment but also the service  relation to gold mining. For gravel gold, there is diaphragm jig, centrifugal  separator, saw-tooth jig, XS table, XY table etc.

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