The Permanent Magnetic Pulley of Hematite Dry mine-dressing Machine

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Processing hematite usually adopt dry-magnetic primary process- magnetic separator( flotation separator), which is hematite is processed dry before processing( in order to abandon the tailings or choose the magnetite). In Hematite dry mine-dressing machine, permanent magnetic pulley is the simplest and commonest one. Permanent magnetic pulley produced by Xinhai mining machinery company is highly praised by the public, and the following is the machine characteristics.

The permanent magnetic pulley of Hematite dry mine-processing machine consist of permanent magnetic multiple magnetic system, cylinder, magnetic guide plate, belt and other parts. In practice process, material is fed into cylinder equality through the belt, and non-magnetic or weak-magnetic mine will be far away from the belt and thrown to non-magnetic product cell under the centrifugal and gravity. And now strong-magnetic mine (magnetite) will be drawn on the belt surface and brought to the belt bottom, as the belt moving, the magnetic strength is weakening, as a result that the magnetic mine will fall into the magnetic product cell. Adjusting the productivity and grade of the magnetic and nonmagnetic product is accomplished by adjusting the separator panel under the cylinder.

The permanent magnetic pulley of Hematite dry mine-processing machine have many advantages:

1. Adopting big wrap angle, usual magnetic wrap angle 80°, adding the length of separation belt and the number of magnetism roll, and enlarge the separation efficiency;

2. Strong magnetic, big coercivity, uneasy demagnetization, and the magnetic function is deep;

3. Compact structure, adopting xinhai wear-resistant rubber, and long service life;

4. Cylinder can work as main one and also can work as driven one;

5. Suitable for dry primary processing before grinding and also for choosing magnetite and other strong magnetic mine by hematite dry mine-processing.

The permanent magnetic pulley of Hematite dry mine-processing machine from xinhai is widely used for many mine-processing line and decrease the cost.

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