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Solutions of Extraction of Iron from Hematite

2015-12-08 XinHai Views (1546)

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Hematite is the main raw material for industrial iron ore making, but extracting iron from hematite has lots of characteristics as completed composition, fine abbot size, easy sludging, etc. extracting iron from hematite is difficult and many dressing plants did not get ideal index after repeated debugging. Xinhai company has professional hematite processing technology design team, and extracting iron from hematite has been so successful since in the past twenty years it has finished more than one hundred hematite processing line designs such as extracting iron from hematite. Xinhai has rich experience in dealing with the processing of extracting iron from hematite can provide you the tailored hematite processing technology about iron ore information.

Xinhai is a professional mineral designing team and it can design equipment for iron ore or special for extracting iron from hematite, according to ores nature, and technology of extracting iron from hematite occupies a leading position in domestic mineral processing equipment manufacturing and provides you suitable separating equipment and ensures the process reach the designed capacity. Xinhai has finished about one hundred hematite processing technology projects and the most represented one is a hematite processing technology design in inner Mongolia. This mine has completed construction, and the original technology it took was continuous grinding, low – intensity magnetic separation – high-intensity magnetic separation- reverse flotation when extracting iron from hematite. Because the particle size in this process is fine, the production cost is high. Xinhai helped improve this plant processing technology of extracting iron from hematite by adopting stage grinding, stage separation, and magnetic-flotation separation and greatly improved the separation rate of fine particle size ore. The grinding process when extracting iron from hematite adopts closed circulation of hydrocyclone and ball mill which can ensure the grinding fineness, and separate qualified grinding products in time. Magnetic separator when extracting iron from hematite will be used to separate qualified products to reduce the capacity of the following flotation operation, the quantity of flotation reagent and production cost. At the same time, the reagent principle when extracting iron from hematite of reverse flotation processing technology is easy and it can lessen reagent in the slurry and reduce the influence on the flotation process.

Xinhai is a designing team that has rich experience on iron ore information, and it has finished extracting iron from hematite technology design projects in inner Mongolia, Jiangxi, Philippines, United States, etc. In line with the aim of the customer first, Xinhai tries to do the best projects of extracting iron from hematite and provides customers the best iron ore information.