Electromagnetic Iron Remover

Electromagnetic Iron Remover

[Introduction] : An electromagnetic equipment to remove iron parts in bulk nonmagnetic materials

[Capacity] : ≤200mm

[Improvement] : Iron mover is suitable for thick materials because of the reasonable magnetic circuit design, magnetic field intensity and large magnetic penetration depth; The fully sealed structure can effectively prevent the dust and harmful gases, and has strong environment and climate adaptability and long service life.

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  • 01

    Deep magnetic penetration;

  • 02

    Strong magnetically attractive force;

  • 03

    Resistance to dust, rain and corrosion.

Product Structure

Working Principle of Electromagnetic Iron Remover: The iron remover equipped with an electric trolley is suspended above the belt conveyor for continuous operation. During the transportation of the material, the magnetism carried by the iron remover is used to attract the magnetic debris in the material, and the ferromagnetic material is mixed with the iron tape Unload the object to achieve the purpose of iron removal.

Technical Parameters

ModelCooling PatternBelt Width (mm)Excitation Power
Hanging Height (mm)Thickness of Materials (mm)Belt Speed (m/s)Weight
RCDA-5 Forced Air Cooling5001150≤ 100     ≤ 2.5     450
RCDA-66001.6175≤ 150620
RCDA-88002250≤ 200960
RCDB-5 Natural Air Cooling 5001150≤ 110400
RCDB-66001.6175≤ 140600
RCDB-88003250≤ 200950
RCDC-5 Forced Air Cooling and Automatic Unloading Iron5001.2150≤ 1001100
RCDC-66002.0175≤ 1501300
RCDC-88003.5250≤ 2002200
RCDD-5 Natural Air Cooling and Automatic Unloading5001150≤ 1101000
RCDD-66001.8175≤ 1401350
RCDD-88003250≤ 2001600