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The price of Ball Mill

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According to different beneficiation process, they design different ball mill, so the ball mill price is also different.

The price of different types of ball mill

Cement ball mill, tube ball mill, ultrafine laminated mill, cone ball mill, ceramic ball mill, Intermittent ball mill, overflow ball mill, grid ball mill, wind discharge ball mill, two-bin ball mill and energy saving ball mill are the main types of ball mill. The price of ball mill depends on the type of it, as well as the cubage, amount of ball and liner. The latest ball mill has saving energy device. It can save 30% energy, which saves the cost.

Ultrafine laminated mill

Use it can realize more smash and lease grind and the benefit is remarkable. It not only removes the screening operation of intermediate crushing and fine crushing, and do not need dust remover. A 1500t/d beneficiation plant, for example, can save 2-10 million Yuan because of the cheap ball mill, and can also save energy about 20-30%. It really has a remarkable environmental protection and energy saving. 

In China, Xinhai is the first mineral company to provide customers with a full-scope offering, which includes mineral process experiment, mine design, equipment manufacturing, installation & commissioning, worker training and standard production. From the 1990s to now, it has completed more than 500 medium and smaller mines projects at home and abroad. Xinhai is large-scale ball mills manufacturers and first proposed the concept of EPC in China. Xinhai provides customized ball mill for you and ensures to meet the yield. Manufacturing Base is over 100 mu, which guarantee a high quality of ball mill.The energy saving ball mill made it is widely used. The advantage of high-efficiency is far ahead, and have high cost-effective.

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