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Assessment Project of Magnetite Powder with Heavy Medium

2015-09-15 XinHai Views (1008)

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Heavy medium means the density of water medium is larger than that of water, which including heavy liquid and heavy suspension. Minerals been beneficiated in heavy medium called heavly medium beneficiation, such as magnetite mineral processing,and its density should between that of heavy minerals and light minerals, only in this way can promise the light minerals floating as well as the heavy minerals falling down. As heavy liquid has higher price, heavy floating liquid can be the optimized material in industry producing. Heavy medium and water composed of heavy floating liquid, which magnetite powder belongs to.

Due to Heavy medium magnetite powder has characterized by inertia, higher relative density and easy to recycle, thus can meet the need of coal separation. Magnetite in natural usually exists with other elements which will reduce the density of magnetite powder and affect the magnetic property. Iron ion can be replaced by elements which has close radius such as Ti4+, Mg2+ and Mn2+, which distributes to reduce the magnetic property of magnetite powder, and influences the characteristics of floating liquid as well as increases the consumption of heavy medium.

Inspection should be made to heavy magnetic powder for the benefit of better usage, the process should be include as follows.

Firstly, the moisture content of magnetite powder.

Secondly, particle size of magnetite powder.

Thirdly, content of magnetic matter in the magnetite powder

Fourthly, true density of magnetite powder

Fifthly, full iron content of magnetite powder

Sixthly, content of Fe2+ of magnetite powder

Content, particle size and density of magnetic materials are the main elements when choosing heavy medium magnetite powder for coal separation. Daily inspection should be made to the magnetic material content and moisture of -325 mesh, other inspection elements can slack when this index completed.

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