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The Optimization Way of Processing Super-lean Magnetite

2015-10-16 XinHai Views (1143)

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Our country is rich in resources, but the lean ore is too much and rich ore is little. As the requirement to iron ore is increasing day by day, it is of significance to explore super-lean magnetite iron. It is low-grade that magnetite iron mine in the super-lean magnetite iron, and if we grind the raw ore and magnetic separate after primary crushing, the cost of beneficiation will be increased. So, the optimization way of processing super-lean magnetite iron is most necessary.

Xinhai optimize the way to process super-lean magnetite iron in domestic that dry separating and throwing tails--dry separating concentrate and grinding roughly--magnetite iron separating and throwing tails--regrinding rough concentrate and magnetic separation. The dry separation flow adopt to eccentric layout rotation magnetic dry separator, the grade of feeding ore is under 30mm. According to dry-separating and throwing tails result, theĀ  magnetite iron particle in waste ore only is 1.77%, that is 67% waste ore is removed. The iron particle in Dry- separation concentrate is increased from 13.67% to 26.35%, and the magnetite iron particle is increased from 8.53% to 21.87%, and the rocovery is over 85%. The dry separation result is remarkable, decreasing the grinding quantity and the cost of this part.

The difference between this beneficiation and other processing that the plant adopting to Xinhai eccentric layout rotation magnetic dry separator. In the condition that the tailing grade is same or lower, this machine can remove tailing more about 10%-30% than conventional magnetic and increase concentrate grade about 1.0%-8.7%, thus the dry separation grade is increased than the feeding ore. It is worth mentioning that we can get dry concentrate with grade over 60% on condition that the fine crush ore is under 2mm and the insetting grade size is big.

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