Magnetite Dry Separator

Xinhai Magnetite Dry Separator - A Unique Invention

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Eccentric layout rotation magnetic separator, a kind of magnetite dry separator, is produced by Xinhai. It is applied to the dry preconcentration of high-grade and lean magnetite ore before grinding with the selected particles below 30mm. The finer the particles are, the better the result is. It is applied to dry separation and recycling of the lost magnetite from the abandoned tailings as well as to dry separation and recycling of ferromagnetic materials from the abandoned steel slag. Generally. Large amount of tailings can be discharged, and the grinding particle quality can be greatly enhanced.

The separation of cylinder without belt outside will enhance the intensity of magnetic field of the separation area. The wrap angle of 360 degree is set inside the magnetic separation cylinder, while the fixed magnetic system with the magnetic wrapping angle of less than 90 degree is set inside the ore dumping cylinder. The rotation direction of the separation cylinder is as the same as that of the ore dumping, but is opposite to that of the rotation magnetic system.

When the materials feeder transports the minerals to the separation area of the separator cylinder, the magnetic minerals will alternate rapidly and repeatedly within short time through the N pole and S pole of the magnetic filed, and the magnetic minerals will do magnetic reversal and magnetic agitation. The non-magnetic(weak) magnetic mineral mingled in the magnetic minerals is not or slightly affected by the adsorption of the magnetic force, moving to the outer layer gradually, and is thrown out by the centrifugal force, gravity and the joint action of magnetic turn and agitation of magnetic minerals.

In the separation area of the separation cylinder, the centrifugal force and gravitation of magnetic minerals mingled with non-magnetic minerals are much less than the magnetic force. With the adsorption of the magnetic force and the joint action of the magnetic turn and agitation of magnetic minerals, and magnetic mineral will move to the inter layer gradually. When the magnetic minerals rotate to the ore unloading area with the separation cylinder, as the rotation magnetic system is eccentric, the magnetic particls of the ore unloading area for the separation cylinder is extremely weak, and most of the magnetic minerals can fall off automatically. A few magnetic minerals not falling off will be adsorbed to the external surface of the ore unloading cylinder with higher magnetite particles when rotating to the position nearby the ore unloading cylinder so as to realize the automatic unloading of magnetic minerals

Magnetite dry separator, produced by Xinhai is a kind of upgrading equipment based on conventional magnetic roller or conventional dry separator . It is the patented product of Xinhai and is used widely actually.

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