Magnetic Equipment Improvement

Magnetic Equipment Improvement in Magnetite Beneficiation Optimization Process

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Equipment is crucial in the magnetite beneficiation process. Traditional permanent magnetic cylindrical separators have limitations, including a narrow range of use and poor separation efficiency. Xinhai has developed a new high-efficiency wet permanent magnetic cylindrical separator, which offers a wider application range and improved beneficiation performance. This new separator significantly optimizes the magnetite beneficiation process in built-in plants, as outlined below.

working mineral magnetic separation machine

All magnetic equipment utilizes neodymium iron boron magnets, known for their high energy product and intrinsic coercivity. These magnets produce a strong magnetic field with extensive magnetic effects, and their demagnetization rate is less than 5% over eight years. To ensure efficient separation of magnetic and non-magnetic minerals, the new separator features a large magnetic wrap with a new structure, providing gradual changes in field intensity and smooth transitions. This design increases the length of the separation belt and the number of magnetic turns. The cylinder is constructed from non-conductive magnetic materials and stainless steel, with ultra-wear-resistant rubber from Xinhai for enhanced durability. This allows the cylinder to handle higher feed quantities, larger particle sizes, and fluctuations in pulp density while maintaining a high particle recovery rate and superior beneficiation index.

magnetic drum for mineral beneficiation process

Xinhai offers various types of permanent magnetic cylindrical separators for different applications. The CTBY permanent cylindrical magnetic separator is designed for preconcentration, suitable for wet preconcentration of magnetite before fine crushing and grinding, with a selected particle size of less than 10mm. The CTBC permanent cylindrical magnetic separator is used for roughing, suitable for initial magnetite roughing after primary or multi-stage grinding, or for recovering magnetite from tailings after sorting nonferrous metals, with a selected particle size of less than 4mm. Each type features unique magnetic system designs and trough structures tailored to specific applications and separation conditions.

The trough structure can be customized according to customer requirements for the magnetite beneficiation process.

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